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Replacing code based on static variables to variable variables.

P: n/a
Can anyone give me some help or tips in converting this code to take 2 variables that will specify the number of Pack
type lines and the number of Single type lines. We use it to create a web page that allows us to split a garment
delivery over multiple dates and and to specify the number and size of garments in a pack and the number and size of
individual garments in the delivery. 3 of each has been enough until now. However we are finding new customers that want
it spread over as many as 5 to 8 of each type pack and single.

Everything is stored in an array $RPack.
Easy to do as i new there were only ever goung to be 6 lines.

$maxC is the number of colours available (usually 3)
$maxR is the number of lengths each colour is available (usually 3)
$maxH is the number of sizes each length is available in. (Between 8 & 14)

Input() is a function for drawing HTML input boxes of the format

Input (Size,Value,Class,Name,Maxlength,Readonly)

I think what I need is to use variable variables but I am having a hard time getting my head around it so any tips and
advice would be very gratefully received.

// Create Data Entry, Boxes for Amt,Qty Total and Date
for ($z=0; $z<$maxC; $z++){
for ($y=0; $y<$maxR; $y++){
//Set Temp variables to 0 or ""
$ThisColour = "";
$ThisRange = "";
$LineAmt0 = 0;
$LineAmt1 = 0;
$LineAmt2 = 0;
$LineAmtS0 = 0;
$LineAmtS1 = 0;
$LineAmtS2 = 0;
$ColourSize = Input(8,$RatioColours{$z}.' '.$RatioRange{$y};,formstyle,Colour_Size,10);

for ($i=0; $i<$maxH; $i++){
// Check already an entry if so use it, if not add default order line to singles1 and set rest to 0

$Pack0 = Input(3,$RPack[0]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Pack0.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmt0 = $LineAmt0 + $RPack[0]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumP0{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[0]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[0]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$Pack1 = Input(3,$RPack[1]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Pack1.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmt1 = $LineAmt1 + $RPack[1]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumP1{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[1]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[1]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$Pack2 = Input(3,$RPack[2]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Pack2.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmt2 = $LineAmt2 + $RPack[2]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumP2{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[2]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[2]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$Singles0 = Input(3,$RPack[3]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Singles0.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmtS0 = $LineAmtS0 + $RPack[3]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumS0{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[3]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[3]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$Singles1 = Input(3,$RPack[4]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Singles1.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmtS1 = $LineAmtS1 + $RPack[4]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumS1{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[4]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[4]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$Singles2 = Input(3,$RPack[5]{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Singles2.$i.$z.$y,10);
$LineAmtS2 = $LineAmtS2 + $RPack[5]{$i}{$z}{$y};
$ColSumS2{$i}{$z}{$y} = ($RPack[5]{$i}{$z}{$y}*$RPack[5]{$Qty}{$z}{$y});

$ColTotal =
$ColSumP0{$i}{$z}{$y}+$ColSumP1{$i}{$z}{$y}+$ColSu mP2{$i}{$z}{$y}+$ColSumS0{$i}{$z}{$y}+$ColSumS1{$i }{$z}{$y}+$ColSumS2{

$RatioTotal = Input(3,$ColTotal,formstyle,ColTotal.$i.$z.$y,10);

$Total = Input(3,$RatioAmt{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Total.$i.$ z.$y,10);

$Pack0 = Input(3,0,formstyle,Pack0.$i.$z.$y,10);
$Pack1 = Input(3,0,formstyle,Pack1.$i.$z.$y,10);
$Pack2 = Input(3,0,formstyle,Pack2.$i.$z.$y,10);
$Singles0 = Input(3,$RatioAmt{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Singles0.$ i.$z.$y,10);
$Singles1 = Input(3,0,formstyle,Singles1.$i.$z.$y,10);
$Singles2 = Input(3,0,formstyle,Singles2.$i.$z.$y,10);
$Total = Input(3,$RatioAmt{$i}{$z}{$y},formstyle,Total.$i.$ z.$y,10);
$RatioTotal = Input(3,0,formstyle,ColTotal.$i.$z.$y,10);
//Save Input Boxes for later
$P_In0 = $P_In0.$Pack0;
$P_In1 = $P_In1.$Pack1;
$P_In2 = $P_In2.$Pack2;
$S_In0 = $S_In0.$Singles0;
$S_In1 = $S_In1.$Singles1;
$S_In2 = $S_In2.$Singles2;
$Total_In = $Total_In.$Total;
$RatioTotal_In = $RatioTotal_In.$RatioTotal;
$RatioPacksOrdered =
$ColourSize.'<br>'.$fldHeaderR.'<br>'.$P_In0.'<br> '.$P_In1.'<br>'.$P_In2.'<br>'.$S_In0.'<br>'.$S_In1 .'<br>'.$S_In2.'<br>
//Pass to display variable
$fldfldRatioPacksOrdered = $fldfldRatioPacksOrdered.$RatioPacksOrdered.'<br>' ;
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