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PostgreSQL error: type "nextval" does not exist.

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  1. <html>
  2.     <body>
  3. <?php
  4.  $PGHOST = localhost;
  5.  $PGDATABASE = "SantaRosaDB";
  6.  $PGUSER = "postgres";
  7.  $PGPASSWORD = "Casabubu25";
  8.  $PGPORT = 5432;
  9.  $db_handle = pg_connect("dbname=$PGDATABASE user=$PGUSER
  10.  password=$PGPASSWORD");
  11.  if ($db_handle) {
  12.  echo 'Connection attempt succeeded.';
  13.  } else {
  14.  echo 'Connection attempt failed.';
  15.  }
  16.  $cropid = intval( $_POST['cropid']);  
  17.  $crop_type = pg_escape_string($_POST['crop_type']);
  18.  $crop_name = pg_escape_string($_POST['crop_name']);
  19.  $cultivation_yrs = intval( $_POST['local_names']);
  20.  $local_name = pg_escape_string($_POST['cultivation_yrs']);
  21.  $query = "INSERT INTO crops (cropid,crop_type,crop_name,local_name, cultivation_yrs)VALUES(nextval('cropid_seq') '$crop_type', '$crop_name', '$local_name', '$cultivation_yrs')";
  22.  $result = pg_query($query);
  23.  if (!$result) {
  24.  $errormessage = pg_last_error();
  25.  echo "Error with query: " . $errormessage;
  26.  exit();
  27.  }
  28.  printf ("These values were inserted into the database - %s %s %s %s %s",$crop_id,$crop_type,$crop_name,$cultivation_yrs,$local_name);
  29.  pg_close();
  30. ?>
  31.   </body>
  32.  </html>
The script is written to populate a postgresql database table using an html form but it is giving me the error below.

Warning: pg_query() [function.pg-query]: Query failed: ERROR: type "nextval" does not exist LINE 1: ...type,crop_name,local_name, cultivation_yrs)VALUES(nextval('c... ^ in C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\php\inputcrops.php on line 22
Error with query: ERROR: type "nextval" does not exist LINE 1: ...type,crop_name,local_name, cultivation_yrs)VALUES(nextval('c... ^
Jan 22 '10 #1
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I imagine there should be a comma following the nextval() call.
Jan 22 '10 #2
1,059 1GB
Hey I dont know anything about postgresql database but the query line is quite interesting
$query = "INSERT INTO crops (cropid,crop_type,crop_name,local_name, cultivation_yrs)VALUES(nextval('cropid_seq') '$crop_type', '$crop_name', '$local_name', '$cultivation_yrs')";
you have used nextval function. Make sure this function does exists in postgresql database(I guess it does not). another strategy you can apply to figure out the bug

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  1. $query = "INSERT INTO crops (cropid,crop_type,crop_name,local_name, cultivation_yrs)VALUES(nextval('cropid_seq') '$crop_type', '$crop_name', '$local_name', '$cultivation_yrs')";
  3. echo "<br>".$query."<br>";
after that run the browser and run the site. then from browser copy the query. Then run it from the database client. You will get more information about your error and also be able to figure out what is happening faster.

Jan 22 '10 #3

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