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SNMP OID's for CPU usage,Temperature and Hard Disk Status

Hi All,
I am developing a web site using PHP.I am fetching the data using snmpget function to display data in the site . Anybody tell me the common OIDís for CPU usage Temperature an HD status of system, I require OIDís for LINUX and WINDOWS system. Thanks guys

Oct 13 '09 #1
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PHP has nothing to do with the client machine. those status values you need to fetch by a client side application.
Oct 13 '09 #2
Thanks for the replay,
right now I am fetching some values like system name, up-time of the system and displaying on the page by using "snmpget" method in PHP, for example SNMP OID of System name is "" similarly is there any SNMP OID for CPU usage, temperature and HD status which is generally common for all computers
Oct 14 '09 #3
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right now I am fetching some values like system name, up-time of the system
Thats fine. SNMP is a system management tool. PHP can do similar things
But you are talking about getting information from a client machine.
Entirely different. May I suggest you read about the Server-Client relationship and how that fits into the the OSI model.
Then you will know what Dormilich means by
PHP has nothing to do with the client machine. those status values you need to fetch by a client side application
So it is a case of a client application passing the info via the system to a server side application.
An interesting project.
Oct 14 '09 #4
Let me explain my project and what i did till now. I have a database of clients whose details will be stored in it(like name,ip address,etc) all my clients have SNMP enable systems.When administrator logs to site(he will get the details from DB), he can view the status of the system (Internal process is like, if the system response for 2 pings status is green if not status is red and also some info like up-time,system name etc).I am getting the details of those clients by SNMP communication so, there is no need of any client side scripting (i am thinking so , tell me if anything wrong).I just require proper SNMP OID's for CPU usage to display them in the table.Please check the image which is a part of the screen, it consists of up-time and ping response(red n green indication).
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Oct 14 '09 #5
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I'm sorry. You are referring to the CPU usage of the network hardware.
Well I don't know, but I quickly googled "SNMP OID CPU usage" which brought up a lot of articles where the answer probably lies.
I will politely bow out as I am no SNMP expert.
Oct 14 '09 #6
Hi thanks guys for your suggestions,After almost 48 hours googling I got the solution, hope it may use for other people. Please find the link http://www.satsignal.eu/mrtg/performance_howto.php
Oct 15 '09 #7

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