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PHP & SQL security - how to avoid a PHP hack attack?

Hi there,
First of all i want to let you know that, my experience with this forum is really very good.

I am new php programmer and i have intend knowledge of PHP & mysql.

Before some days, i did notice that someone was tried to hack my website using SQL injection.

If you run a content website (no e-commerce) that uses php and a mysql database, what security programming measures

can you take to ensure that someone doesn't hack / deface / erase your site and its data? i don't think that all of the host's job. what are some typical mistakes that programmers do that leave themselves to hacking? what can a programmer do on the coding end? how can we avoid a php hack attact?

I think, Things like SQL Injection are worth looking into.

can you please let me know about security with SQL injection.

Expecting good help from you & Thank you in anticipation.
Oct 5 '09 #1
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  • directly use the data coming from userland without checking
  • output system error messages*

* Ive seen error messages that contained the complete SQL code.

the least you should do is escape/filter the data. currently the safest method I know is using Prepared Statements which makes SQL Injection impossible.

either putting the site offline or not at all. but you can make it da** difficult for the hacker.
Oct 5 '09 #2
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THE most important thing to keep in mind when building a website is to never trust any user submitted data. Always thoroughly validate and sanitize all data before using it.
Functions like mysql_real_escape_string and the Variable handling functions are of great help with that.

You should also make sure that any dynamic content, like blog comments and such, are escaped, to prevent XSS attacks, using the htmlentities and strip_tags functions.

There are a lot of other things to consider tho, like not quoting IDs in SQL queries and to initialize variables before using them.
A quick Google search for PHP security should provide a list of the most common things to do.
Oct 5 '09 #3

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