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fclose(): 15 is not a valid stream resource

I'm not sure what this error means and was wondering if anyone knew what the problem is and how it can be fixed. This error comes out multiple times but each time the number is different.
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  2. Warning:  fclose(): 15 is not a valid stream resource in /mnt/raid/www/intra/admin/ts2/test2.php on line 174
  4. Warning:  fclose(): 20 is not a valid stream resource in /mnt/raid/www/intra/admin/ts2/test2.php on line 174
  6. Warning:  fclose(): 25 is not a valid stream resource in /mnt/raid/www/intra/admin/ts2/test2.php on line 174
  8. Warning:  fclose(): 25 is not a valid stream resource in /mnt/raid/www/intra/admin/ts2/test2.php on line 174
What do the numbers (15,20,25) mean? Thanks in advance.
Jun 26 '09 #1
7 16506
So after tinkering around for a while, I learned that these numbers correspond to the resource id# which I'm also not sure what it is. When I printed out the file name, it says resource id # then the actual file name. And since in the loop it opens 15 different files, the resource id becomes 15. How do I get it to close the file and no the resource id.
Jun 26 '09 #2
6,050 Expert 4TB
Maybe if we could see the code causing the error, our responses would be slightly more informed.
Jun 26 '09 #3
sorry=P..it's just that actual code is really long and I'm not even sure which section to post. I tried cutting out the unnecessary lines, but here it is. Thanks for your help!
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  3.     if ($handle = opendir('/projects/ts/')) {
  5.    while (false !== ($folder = readdir($handle)))
  6.       {
  7.           if ($folder != "." && $folder != "..")
  8.         {    
  9.             if(is_numeric($folder)){
  10.                 //writing all data into array
  11.         if($folder<=$end && $folder>=$beginning){        
  12.         $handle2="/projects/ts/".$folder;
  13.         print_r($handle2);
  14.         $folderpath=opendir($handle2);
  15.         print_r($folderpath);
  16.         while(false !== ($file = readdir($folderpath))){
  17.             $tmp=explode('.',$file);
  18.             if($tmp[0]==$folder){
  19.                 print_r($file);
  20.                 $filepath="/projects/ts/".$folder."/".$file;
  21.                 $timesheet=fopen("$filepath", "r");
  22.                 while(!feof($timesheet)){
  23.                 $lines=fgets($timesheet);
  24.                 if($lines{0}=='M'){
  25.                 $user=explode('=',$lines);
  26.                 $user=$user[1];
  27.                 }
  28.                 elseif($lines{0}==null || $lines{0}=='['){
  29.                 }
  30.                 else{
  31.                     //$parts2=explode(' % ',$invalidcheck);
  32.                     $parts3=explode('=', $lines);
  33.                     $parts4=explode('.', $parts3[0]);
  34.                     $project=$parts4[0];
  35.                     $project=trim($parts4[0]);
  36.                     $phase=$parts4[1];
  37.                     $hours=$parts3[1];
  38.                     $hours=substr($parts3[1],0,4);            
  39.                 }    
  40.                 if($project==$type){    
  41.                 $classpath="/projects/".$project."/ts_classes";
  42.                 $classfile=fopen("$classpath","r");
  43.                 while(!feof($classfile)){
  44.                 $classes=fgets($classfile);
  45.                 $classes=preg_replace('/\s\s+/',' ', $classes);
  46.                 $tmp=explode(' ',$classes);
  47.                 if($tmp[1]==$user){
  48.                     if($tmp[3]{1}=='-'){
  49.                         $time=substr($tmp[3],2,6);
  50.                         if($time<=$lastdate && $time>=$firstdate){
  51.                         $class=$tmp[2];
  52.                         $checker=1;
  53.                         }
  54.                         }
  55.                     elseif($tmp[3]{8}=='-'){
  56.                         $time=substr($tmp[3],1,6);
  57.                         if($time<=$lastdate && $time>=$firsdate){
  58.                             if($checker==0){
  59.                             $class=$tmp[2];
  60.                             }
  61.                             else{
  62.                             $class2=$tmp[2];
  63.                             }
  64.                         }
  65.                         }
  66.                     else{
  67.                     $class=$tmp[2];
  68.                     print_r($class);
  69.                     }
  70.                 }
  71.                 else{
  72.                 }
  73.                 }
  74.                 fclose($classpath);
  76.                     }        
  77.             }            
  78.         }
  79.         fclose($timesheet);
  80.         }
  81.         closedir($folderpath);
  82.             }
  83.           }
  84.        }
  85.         }
  86.  closedir($handle);
Jun 26 '09 #4
6,050 Expert 4TB
Line 74 of the code you posted above should be fclose($classfile); not $classpath. I cannot spot the other errors. Can you show which lines (in the code you posted) are the lines that your errors point to?

Jun 26 '09 #5
The error is showing up for fclose($timesheet) in line 79. Thanks=)
Jun 26 '09 #6
6,050 Expert 4TB
Argh. Format your code!

Anyway, it looks like you are doing $timesheet=fopen("$filepath", "r"); inside an if conditional, and then when this if conditional ends, you attempt to fclose() the resource. But, what happens if the if is skipped? The resource is not created and fclose() is trying to close something that doesn't exist.
Jun 26 '09 #7
sorry i forgot to reply but you're correct, that was the problem.Thanks=) I found that I did this for a lot of the fclose so its a good thing you caught it for me.
Jun 30 '09 #8

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