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Trouble with inserting Checkbox values

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I have six checkboxes as shown below:
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  1. <table>
  2. <tr>
  3. <td><input name="spec1" type="checkbox" value="0" tabindex="11" /><label id="label">Bridge Construction</label></td>
  4. </tr>
  5. <tr>
  6. <td><input name="spec2" type="checkbox" value="1" tabindex="12" /><label id="label">Building Construction</label></td>
  7. </tr>
  8. <tr>
  9. <td><input name="spec3" type="checkbox" value="2" tabindex="13" /><label id="label">Dam Construction</label></td>
  10. </tr>
  11. <tr>
  12. <td><input name="spec4" type="checkbox" value="3" tabindex="14" /><label id="label">Power & Telecommunication Works</label></td>
  13. </tr>
  14. <tr>
  15. <td><input name="spec5" type="checkbox" value="4" tabindex="15" /><label id="label">Road Construction</label></td>
  16. </tr>
  17. <tr>
  18. <td><input name="spec6" type="checkbox" value="5" tabindex="16" /><label id="label">Others</label></td>
  19. </tr>
  20. </table>
And I have been trying to insert the checkbox values to my database in the following way.
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  1. if($_POST['spec1']==0){ $spec1="1";} else { $spec1="0"; }
  2. if($_POST['spec2']==1){ $spec2="1";} else { $spec2="0"; }
  3. if($_POST['spec3']==2){ $spec3="1";} else { $spec3="0"; }
  4. if($_POST['spec4']==3){ $spec4="1";} else { $spec4="0"; }
  5. if($_POST['spec5']==4){ $spec5="1";} else { $spec5="0"; }
  6. if($_POST['spec6']==5){ $spec6="1";} else { $spec6="0"; }
Everything goes fine except that even if i dont check the first checkbox, the column corresponding to this checkbox in the database gets a value of 1. To be clear, if i check spec4 and spec5 the result stored in the database is fine as the corresponding column for this two checkbox is valued with 1. But along with it the value for spec1 is also added although i didn't check the first checkbox.

Any help in this situation could be a great help! Kindly correct my code if necessary or kindly help me how to insert multiple checkbox values in different fields of a table.
Feb 27 '09 #1
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8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
this is probably because NULL is equivalent to 0 in a simple boolean test. try following (value and type comparison):
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  1. $spec1 = ($_POST['spec1'] === 0) ? "1" : "0";
Feb 27 '09 #2
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Still it doesnt solve the problem. I have changed it in the following manner:
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  1. $spec1 = ($_POST['spec1'] === 0) ? "1" : "0";
  2. $spec2 = ($_POST['spec2'] === 1) ? "1" : "0";
  3. $spec3 = ($_POST['spec3'] === 2) ? "1" : "0";
  4. $spec4 = ($_POST['spec4'] === 3) ? "1" : "0";
  5. $spec5 = ($_POST['spec5'] === 4) ? "1" : "0";
  6. $spec6 = ($_POST['spec6'] === 5) ? "1" : "0";
It gives me database error. I mean in my form if there is any error with the insert operation it returns me back the form that i submitted. That is what happening at present.

Plus if i check the first checkbox along with some others, the values are properly stored. Which means i have to check the first checkbox by any means. This output is available if i change it in the following way:
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  1. $spec1 = ($_POST['spec1'] === "0") ? 1 : 0;
  2. $spec2 = ($_POST['spec2'] === "1") ? 1 : 0;
  3. $spec3 = ($_POST['spec3'] === "2") ? 1 : 0;
  4. $spec4 = ($_POST['spec4'] === "3") ? 1 : 0;
  5. $spec5 = ($_POST['spec5'] === "4") ? 1 : 0;
  6. $spec6 = ($_POST['spec6'] === "5") ? 1 : 0;
Feb 27 '09 #3
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
what exactly is the database error?
Feb 27 '09 #4
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Database error is something like if some text value is inserted in a int field. There can be many of them. And by the way my db table has int(1) as the data type to store the value of checkboxes.
Feb 27 '09 #5
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
then try to get the sql error message. like (depending on your code there may be different approaches to get the error message)
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  1. mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
  3. // in case you use exceptions
  4. try {
  5. // db code
  6. }
  7. catch (Exception $e)
  8. {
  9.     echo $e->getMessage();
  10. }
otherwise guessing what the error might be is not very effective.
Feb 27 '09 #6
6,050 Expert 4TB
You're trying to insert a string type into an int type column. Correct this and you'll be OK.
Feb 27 '09 #7
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Your code should be :
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  1. $spec1 = (isset($_POST['spec1'])) ? 1 : 0; 
  2. $spec2 = (isset($_POST['spec2'])) ? 1 : 0;  
  3. $spec3 = (isset($_POST['spec3'])) ? 1 : 0;  
  4. $spec4 = (isset($_POST['spec4'])) ? 1 : 0;  
  5. $spec5 = (isset($_POST['spec5'])) ? 1 : 0;  
  6. $spec6 = (isset($_POST['spec6'])) ? 1 : 0;  
Feb 27 '09 #8
8,658 Expert Mod 8TB
note: line #2 is missing a closing parenthesis
Feb 27 '09 #9
107 100+
sorry guys, there was no mistake in the code. it was a silly mistake of my own which i have solved. Anyway thankyou and sorry for troubling you all.
Feb 28 '09 #10

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