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Embedding a .exe into a webpage

I am doing a project on social n/w website,one of the features being webcasting.Now for webcasting there is a need for an encoder s/w(say Real Producer Basic),I have this .exe downloaded.
Now I need to embedd this in a webpage using PHP.

Please do help me.
From <ULR removed>,I have got this Real Producer SDK and it consist of:

Would this be helpfull?
Sep 29 '08 #1
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What type of server is your webpage running on?
Exe files can only be used on Windows machines, so unless your server is on a Windows machine, you can not use .exe files on your web.

I'm not sure PHP itself can run Windows executables (not that I've spent much time trying), but it can execute shell commands, which you can use to execute external applications.

So, if you can manage to get this working in a CMD window, you can have PHP execute that command using the Program execution functions.

Please do not post links to commercial websites.
That includes websites that are trying to sell stuff, or are filled with advertisements.

Check out the Posting Guidelines for more info on that.

Thank you.
Sep 29 '08 #2
I have installed xampp and I am using windows platform.
Need more guidance please???
Oct 3 '08 #3
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Couldn't understand your post too well.
I'd suggest looking for some support from the site you downloaded the '.exe' from.

Oct 3 '08 #4
Hey Markus
I am buiding a social n/w website(final yr project),platform being windows based & technology PHP,one of the feature being webcasting capability.
Briefing on webcasting(how it works???)
1.An encoder s/w (here Real producer Basic) is needed for webcasting.
2.I have got the .exe of above downloaded
3.Now what should happen is when somebody logs into my website and clicks on broadcast option then this .exe should appear,so that the broadcast process can take place.
4.Hence this .exe needs to be embedded into the web page.

Please Help

Oct 4 '08 #5
Hey somebody please advice
Oct 8 '08 #6
code green
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Not quite sure what you are up to.
But you must realise that you cannot force an exe to run on someone's machine.
If this was possible the hackers would have a field day.

IE cannot run exe files. But there is something called
HTML Applications HTA which is a IE extension

PHP can run an exe using passthru(), exec() and another one I have forgot.
But this will be on the server, all the user will see is the final page.

You can of course give a user the option to download or open an exe
but you have no control over which program they choose to run it.
and who in their right mind going to run an exe directly

I think ASP.net can do something if the exe is previously registered on the ISP server
Oct 8 '08 #7
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Heya, ginugopinath.

You can specify the default plug-in for an object on your webpage using its codebase attribute (http://www.w3schools.com/TAGS/tag_object.asp). This is a link to the page or file a User will be prompted to load if the required plugin cannot be found.
Oct 9 '08 #8
Hey thanks for the valuable information.

ya maybe I didnt put myself across that clearly.

Ya as you mentioned I need to use some functions in php such that when a user wants to do a webcast and clicks on the "broadcast button" then he must be directed to this exe(coz this exe that is encoder s/w helps in broadcasting process),so possibly I need to store it on the server.

The server that I am using is HELIX server
& the encoder s/w is real producer basic(i.e a .exe)

I dont want to provide the .exe as a link for the users of my website,rather embedd it(for eg,say u visit a site xyz,then sign in..etc etc,then click on broadcast button,then as a end user what you see is a "A new web page opening with an interface(i.e their embedded encoding s/w)"which will configure your webcam & microphone etc & help you in broadcasting.

Currently I have this encodding s/w and helix server & real player installed on the same machine and successfull in carrying out a broadcast.

I have been able to embedd the real player,but need to embedd the encoder s/w too.Hope I am clear this time..

Advice plz
Oct 13 '08 #9
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Hi there,

The whole point of RealProducer is that it runs as an application on a machine, not on a webpage. From what I have been reading, RealProducer is just for converting files.

So, if all you need is conversion to RealPlayer format (which is what it sounds like), then you'd get the user to upload a file, get PHP to execute the converter on the server, then spit out a new RealPlayer-formatted file which can then be viewed in the browser using the RealPlayer plug in. The user should not have to download the RealProducer software to go through this process.

Does that sound about right?

Oct 13 '08 #10
Sounds great....
ya,the encoder is used for converting it into a compressed digital format(.rm real media format).
What you have suggested would be ok for an already existing clip/video,but this .exe helps in configuring your webcam and microphone automatically,how would I do this with your suggestion?
Moreever this encoded format i.e real media is sent to the Helix Server.Its from this server,that an end user would request for the clip.
Oct 19 '08 #11
Guys any advice???
basically my php code should be able to call this .exe and display to the user...
so could I use it as an applet o sumthg like that??
Oct 26 '08 #12
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You won't be able to execute the file on the client machine; you'd be better off using Flash to do this.
Oct 26 '08 #13
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You won't be able to execute the file on the client machine; you'd be better off using Flash to do this.
I think it is possible, not sure, but I think. I was looking on Google, and found this code snippet for javascript on a PHP page, with the use of flash too.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.  function loadexe() { 
  2.    w = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell"); 
  3.    w.run('one.exe'); 
  4.    return true; 
  5.    } 
Although, the client's browser might block it, or pop a warning up, so you'll have to check the settings, also this code for your flash button.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. on(release){
  2. getURL("javascript:loadexe");
  3. }
I'm not very experienced with JavaScript either, but can't you just call the loadexe() function on an html's button click event, rather than using flash. But try that and see if it works.

Oct 26 '08 #14
6,050 Expert 4TB
Isn't ActiveX IE only?
Oct 26 '08 #15

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