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problem to store and retrive image in php

The below code can't take the images.plz tell that what is the problem in that code

// Connect to database

$errmsg = "";
if (! @mysql_connect("localhost","root","sreeni")) {
$errmsg = "Cannot connect to database";

// First run ONLY - need to create table by uncommenting this
// Or with silent @ we can let it fail every sunsequent time ;-)

$q = <<<CREATE
create table pix (
pid int primary key not null auto_increment,
name varchar(20),email varchar(30),city varchar(20),state varchar(20),zip int(7),country varchar(20),month varchar(20),date int(3),imgdata longblob)

// Insert any new image into database
if ($_REQUEST[completed] == 1) {
// Need to add - check for large upload. Otherwise the code
// will just duplicate old file ;-)
// ALSO - note that latest.img must be public write and in a
// live appliaction should be in another (safe!) directory.
$instr = fopen("latest.img","rb");
$image = addslashes(fread($instr,filesize("latest.img")));
if (strlen($instr) < 149000) {
mysql_query ("insert into pix13(name,email,city,state,zip,country,month,date ,upload) values ('\"". $_POST[name] . "\",\"".$_POST[email]. "\",\"".$_POST[city]. "\",\"".$_POST[state]. "\",\"".$_POST[zip]. "\",\"".$_POST[country]. "\",\"".$_POST[month]. "\",\"".$_POST[date]. "\",\"". $_POST[whatsit] . "\", \"". $image . "\")");
} else {
$errmsg = "Too large!";
$gotten = @mysql_query("select * from pix order by pid desc limit 1");
if ($row = @mysql_fetch_assoc($gotten)) {
$name = htmlspecialchars($row[name]);
$email = htmlspecialchars($row[email]);
$city = htmlspecialchars($row[city]);
$state = htmlspecialchars($row[state]);
$zip = htmlspecialchars($row[zip]);
$country = htmlspecialchars($row[country]);
$month = htmlspecialchars($row[month]);
$date = htmlspecialchars($row[date]);
$bytes = $row[upload];
} else {
$errmsg = "There is no image in the database yet";
// Put up a picture of our training centre
$instr = fopen("latest.img","rb");
$bytes = fread($instr,filesize("latest.img"));
// If this is the image request, send out the image

if ($_POST[gim] == 1) {
header("Content-type: image/jpeg/jpg/zip");
print $bytes;
exit ();


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Mar 3 '08 #1
3 1808
The below code can't take the images.plz tell that what is the problem in that code
what exactly you want to do? upload image file and display it on a webpage?
Mar 3 '08 #2
ok... i checked your script... for me.. i think you sql statement is having some errors or cant successfully insert the data.. because you lack some single quotes in your $_POST[]...

i think this one
[PHP]mysql_query ("insert into pix13(name,email,city,state,zip,country,month,date ,upload) values ('\"". $_POST[name] . "\",\"".$_POST[email]. "\",\"".$_POST[city]. "\",\"".$_POST[state]. "\",\"".$_POST[zip]. "\",\"".$_POST[country]. "\",\"".$_POST[month]. "\",\"".$_POST[date]. "\",\"". $_POST[whatsit] . "\", \"". $image . "\")");[/PHP]

should look like this

[PHP]mysql_query ("INSERT INTO pix13(name, email, city, state, zip, country, month, date, upload) VALUES('".$_POST['name']."', '".$_POST['email']."', '".$_POST['city']."', '".$_POST['state']."', '".$_POST['zip']."', '".$_POST['country']."', '".$_POST['month']."', '".$_POST['date']."', '".$_POST['whatsit']."', '".$image."')");[/PHP]

and for uploading files, you can have a look at this
file uploads
Mar 3 '08 #3
4,258 Expert 4TB
The below code can't take the images.plz tell that what is the problem in that code
That is not a clear description of your problem. Please describe it in more detail and let's not make a puzzle of it.

Mar 3 '08 #4

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