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editing header.php ?

im trying to edit my header file but am not able to upload it as it says

"Started: 07/11/2006 14:46

sklinks\headers.php - error occurred - An FTP error occurred - cannot put headers.php. Access Denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.

File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not completed.

Files with errors: 1

my scripts is

//Section for script configuraion - START
//For info, refer to the Manual.

$_url_main_site = 'http://www.freeaddsgalore.me.uk/'; //http://www.mysite.com/dir/
$_url_root = 'http://freeaddsgalore.me.uk/sklinks/'; //http://www.mysite.com/
$_dir_root = '/something/ If you are unsure about the correct path to the home directory of your site in the server file system, please contact your web-hosting support for assistance.

$_site_title = 'Freeaddsgalore Free Directory';
$_site_full_name = 'The ultimate free ads and small business resource';
$_site_brand = 'freeaddsgalore';
$_site_description = 'Its here. Freeaddsgalore now offers your its own free directory for all your websites!';

$_mysql_username = 'fsomething';
$_mysql_userpwd = 'something';
$_mysql_host = 'localhost';
$_mysql_dbname = 'something;

//Section for script configuraion - END

$_skalinks_url['root'] = $_url_root;
$_skalinks_url['dir'] = $_skalinks_url['root'];
$_skalinks_url['templates'] = $_skalinks_url['root'].'templates/';
$_skalinks_url['admin'] = $_skalinks_url['root'].'admin/';
$_skalinks_url['main_site'] = $_url_main_site;
$_skalinks_url['rm_news'] = 'http://www.skalinks.com/news/news.rss';

$_skalinks_dir['root'] = $_dir_root;
$_skalinks_dir['dir'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'];
$_skalinks_dir['admin'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'admin/';
$_skalinks_dir['db_backup'] = $_skalinks_dir['admin'].'db_backup/';

$_skalinks_dir['smarty'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'smarty/';
$_skalinks_dir['template_dir'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'templates/';
$_skalinks_dir['compile_dir'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'compile/';
$_skalinks_dir['config_dir'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'config/';
$_skalinks_dir['cache_dir'] = $_skalinks_dir['root'].'cache/';

$_skalinks_mysql['username'] = $_mysql_username;
$_skalinks_mysql['userpwd'] = $_mysql_userpwd;
$_skalinks_mysql['host'] = $_mysql_host;
$_skalinks_mysql['dbname'] = $_mysql_dbname;
$_skalinks_mysql['tbl_prefix'] = 'dir_';

$_skalinks_page = array
'title' => $_site_title,
'title_add_cat' => 'Add Category',
'title_add_url' => 'Add Link',
'title_search' => 'Find your Link',
'title_search_result' => 'Search Result',
'title_edit_cat' => 'Edit Category',
'title_edit_url' => 'Edit Link',
'title_admin' => 'Admin index page',
'title_link_list' => 'Links list',
'title_cat_list' => 'Categories list',
'title_dirtree' => 'Tree of categories',

$_skalinks_site = array
'site_description' => $_site_description,
'site_full' => $_site_full_name,
'brand' => $_site_brand,
'mail_theme' => 'Message',

require_once( 'SkaLinks_include/English_lang.php' );
require_once( 'SkaLinks_include/component.php' );
require_once( 'SkaLinks_include/SkaLinks.class.php' );
require_once( $_skalinks_dir['smarty'].'Smarty.class.php' );
require_once( 'SkaLinks_include/design.php' );
$SkaLinks = new SkaLinks( $_skalinks_mysql );
$SkaLinks->SetRootURL( $_skalinks_url['root'] );
$SkaLinks->SetPrefix( $_skalinks_mysql['tbl_prefix'] );
$color_theme = $SkaLinks->GetParam( 'color_theme' );
$_skalinks_url['color_theme'] = $_skalinks_url['templates'].$color_theme.'/';

// Get some settings
$_output['register_users'] = $SkaLinks->GetParam( 'register_users' );


If anyone can help i will be very thankful
Nov 7 '06 #1
3 1661
4,258 Expert 4TB
If you want anyone to look at that bunch of lines, you'd better think twice! You don't really expect anyone to read that from a screen, do you?

Before you post anything like that, have a mandatory look at the Posting Guidelines at the top of this forum. Better, have a good look at the part of it that describes the use of code, php or html tags around code that is shown.

Ronald :cool:
Nov 7 '06 #2
I did try to but every time i pasted the code it only pasted one line?
Nov 7 '06 #3
4,258 Expert 4TB
It does not with me! Do it better next time.

Ronald :cool:
Nov 7 '06 #4

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