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address labels using php | mysql | fpdf

i'm looking for some script which would export address labels from a
mysql db to pdf ...

There's an exapmle, but i'm not able to convert it for using with
mysql ... can anybody help?

THX a lot

Martin :)
Author: Steve Dillon (208.241.182.---)
Date: 02-20-02 19:35

I made a routine to print address labels I thought I would share. Its
for a very common 2 5/8" wide x 1" tall address label found in the
States. To use you need to set the page size to 8.5" x 11" and have
the user UNCHECK "Fit to Page" when printing.

function odbc_fetch_array($res) {
$row = array();
$result = array();
if ($result = odbc_fetch_row($res)) {
$nf = odbc_num_fields($res)+1;
for($count=1; $count < $nf; $count++) {
$field_name = odbc_field_name($res, $count);
$field_value = odbc_result($res, $count);
$row[$field_name] = $field_value;
return $row;
// Prints to an Avery 5160 label sheet which is a label
// 2 5/8" wide by 1" tall, they are 3 accross on a page
// and 10 rows per page. (30 per page). The upper left
// corner is label(0,0) The X co-ord goes horizontally
// accross the page and Y goes vertically down the page
// Left/Right page margins are 4.2 MM (1/6 inch)
// Top/Botton page margines are 12.7 MM (.5 inch)
// Horizontal gap between labels is 4.2 MM (1/6 inch)
// There is no vertial gap between labels
// Labels are 66.6 MM (2 5/8") Wide
// Labels are 25.4 MM (1" ) Tall
function Avery5160($x, // X co-ord of label (0-2)
$y, // Y co-ord of label (0-9)
$Data) // String w/ line breaks to print
$LeftMargin = 4.2;
$TopMargin = 12.7;
$LabelWidth = 66.6;
$LabelHeight = 25.45;
// Create Co-Ords of Upper left of the Label
$AbsX = $LeftMargin + (($LabelWidth + 4.22) * $x);
$AbsY = $TopMargin + ($LabelHeight * $y);

// Fudge the Start 3mm inside the label to avoid alignment errors


function PrintAddressLabels($SelectStmt)
global $cnx; // database conneciton in odbcinc.php

$pdf=new FPDF();

$cur = odbc_Exec($cnx,$SelectStmt);

if (!$cur) {
echo "Database Error";

$x = 0;
$y = 0;
while (TRUE) {
if ($row = odbc_fetch_array($cur) ) {
$LabelText = sprintf("%s\n%s\n%s, %s, %s",

$y++; // next row
if ($y == 10 ) { // end of page wrap to next column
$y = 0;
if ($x == 3 ) { // end of page
$x = 0;
$y = 0;
} else {
// Error quit printing


Jul 16 '05 #1
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