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Dynamic Variable Names

I have a shopping cart page that allows a user to type in a new
quantity and press a [Submit] button. The quantities entered are in form
text boxes with the names "item302", "item7812", etc. reflecting which
item that particular textbox is associated to. I store the entered
variables using 'import_request_variables("p","p_")' so I end up with
$item302, $item7812, etc. My script looks for these variables by looking
through the shopping cart array which stores the item numbers themselves
and then checks the value of $item<whatever>.

If I have a number stored in $item is there any easy way to tell PHP
to check the value of variable $p_item<item>?

For example, if $item is '302' how can I tell PHP to evaluate $p_item302?

Thank you!

- Michael J. Astrauskas

P.S. I'm currently doing this using the eval() function, but I don't
like that technique.

Jul 17 '05 #1
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Michael J. Astrauskas wrote:
For example, if $item is '302' how can I tell PHP to evaluate


$varname = sprintf("p_item%d", $item);

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Jul 17 '05 #2 wrote:
Michael J. Astrauskas wrote:
For example, if $item is '302' how can I tell PHP to evaluate

Try to define a dynamic Var:

$item = "ABC";

${"p_item{$item}"} = "value of this var";

print $p_itemABC;

would output "value of this var";

greetings .. timo

Jul 17 '05 #3
"Michael J. Astrauskas" <tr****@cox.net> wrote in message

if $item is '302' how can I tell PHP to evaluate $p_item302?

Use a variable variable:

$name = 'p_item' . $item;
$value = $$name;

Since $name evaluates to 'p_item302', $$name must evaluate
to $p_item302. See the Manual for details:


Jul 17 '05 #4
Nikolai Chuvakhin wrote:
Michael J. Astrauskas" wrote:
if $item is '302' how can I tell PHP to evaluate $p_item302?

Use a variable variable:

$name = 'p_item' . $item;
$value = $$name;

Thank you! I combined what you and Timo Henke suggested and it works

Here is my final code:
$v = ${'p_ITEM'.$key};

- Michael J. Astrauskas

Jul 17 '05 #5

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