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how to use the db class to other class....... i cannot display the records.

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  2. <?PHP
  4. class db
  5. {
  6.      private $hostname;
  7.      private $username;
  8.      private $password;
  9.      private $database;
  10.      private $connect;
  11.      private $select_db;
  12.      public  $dbSql;
  14.      public function db()
  15.      {
  16.           $this->hostname = "localhost";
  17.           $this->username = "root";
  18.           $this->password = "";
  19.           $this->database = "mydb";
  20.      }
  22.      public function open_connection()
  23.      {
  24.           try
  25.           {
  26.                $this->connect = mysql_connect($this->hostname,$this->username,$this->password);
  27.                $this->select_db = mysql_select_db($this->database);
  28.           }
  29.           catch(exception $e)
  30.           {
  31.                return $e;
  32.           }
  33.      }
  35.      public function close_connection()
  36.      {
  37.           try
  38.           {
  39.                mysql_close($this->connect);
  40.           }
  41.           catch(exception $e)
  42.           {
  43.                return $e;
  44.           }
  45.      }
  46. }
  48. ?>
  50. <?php
  51. //Class to use the db class....
  52. include('db.php');
  54. class usr{
  56.   private $mydb;
  58.   $mydb = new db;//::open_connection();
  60.   public function users_query()
  61.      {
  62.           try
  63.           {
  64.                //$this->$mydb->open_connection();
  65.                $mydb->dbSql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users");
  66.           }
  67.           catch(exception $e)
  68.           {
  69.                return $e;
  70.           }
  71.           $mydb->close_connection();
  72.           return $mydb->dbSql;
  73.  }
  75. }
  76. ?>
  80. <?php
  82.      //DISPLAY USERS***************************
  83.         include('..//controller/getrecord.php');
  84.         $grec=new grecord();
  85.         $grec->display_users();
  86.      //****************************************     
  87.     ?>
May 3 '11 #1
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8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
line #58: syntax error! a class property can only be initialised with a scalar or array, never with a function call or object initialisation.

class db: the outdated mysql extension will never throw an Exception, the only DB system that does that (which I know) is PDO.

class usr: there’s no constructor or dependency injector to get the db object.

if you want to dabble with databases and OOP, I strongly advise you to use PDO or MySQLi as they are already classes and as such more suited to be used in OOP.
May 3 '11 #2

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