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I have a contact form that no longer "makes contact"

5 New Member
Good afternoon all!!

I am having a problem with a contact page that once sent the email to the admin's email but no longer does. I am at a complete loss as to why this occurred as I made NO changes to the page itself. The site once had hackers access it so there is specific code to eliminate this so maybe this is why it doesn't work anymore. Are there any code suggestions? Should I just create a new set of PHP to figure this problem out? I know how sometimes the code just gets a hickup and will no longer work. HELP!!!!

Apr 28 '11 #1
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1,206 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Are there any errors?
Are the emails being caught in a spam filter?
Has your server been upgraded to a new version of php?

Without seeing any code, it is hard to suggest anything.
Apr 28 '11 #2
Megan Bade
5 New Member
When sending an email I do not receive any error messages.

I don't know if there is a spam folder or filter on the email account, but I have questioned the client about this.

I'm not sure if the server has gone through an upgrade recently.

Take a look at the code and let me know what you notice.
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  1. <?php
  2. // Everything in the php tags needs to be in the contact.php file
  3. error_reporting(0);
  4. //phpinfo();
  5.   // General defines
  6.     $to='user@domain.com'; // Email goes here
  7.     $messageSubject='Contact Inquiry'; // Email subject goes here
  8.     $success_message='<div class="success">Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you promptly.</div>'; // Message that displays after the message was successfully sent
  9.     $error_email='user@domain.com'; // Errors will be sent to this email
  10.     $crack_message='<div class="error">We have detected a possible crack attempt. Your details have been logged and sent to the webmaster.</div>'; // If a crack attempt is detected, display this message.
  11.     $incomplete_message='<div class="error">Oops... you have missed a required field. Please try again.</div>'; // Form was submitted but required fields are missing
  12.     $invalid_email='<div class="error">Oops... please check your email and make sure it is valid.</div>';
  13.     $unknown_error='<div class="error">An unknown error has occurred. Please try again.</div>'; // Unknown error message - catch all
  15.     //mail($to,$messageSubject,$messageSubject,'From: '.$to."\r\n");
  16.     // You can include a second email that gets sent to another address as a Confirmation or copy email. Just set it to TRUE if you need to use it
  17.     $confirmation_copy = 0;
  19.     if ($confirmation_copy == 1) {
  20.         $confirmationSubject='Confirmation email subject';
  21.       $confirmationBody='Static content that you want in the confirmation email body';
  22.     }
  24.     // Fields are not parsed yet, empty the values
  25.     $name='';
  26.     $email='';
  27.     $phone='';
  28.     $message='';
  30.     // Empty email relative variables
  31.     $body='';
  33.     // The form has been submitted
  34.   if ($_POST['sent'] == "yes") {
  36.         // Format the data
  37.     $name=addslashes($_POST['name']);
  38.         $email=addslashes($_POST['email']);
  39.         $phone=addslashes($_POST['phone']);
  40.         $message=addslashes($_POST['message']);
  42.         // Create the email body
  43.          $body="
  44. Name: ".stripslashes($name)." 
  45. Email: ".stripslashes($email)." 
  46. Phone: ".stripslashes($phone)."
  49. ".stripslashes($message)."\r\n".
  50. "\n\n".
  53. ."\n"
  54. ."REQUEST DATE: " .date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A") . " PST"
  55. . "\n"
  58.         // Validate
  59.     $valid_email=eregi('^([0-9a-z]+[-._+&])*[0-9a-z]+@([-0-9a-z]+[.])+[a-z]{2,6}$',$email);
  60.     $crack=eregi("(\r|\n)(to:|from:|cc:|bcc:)",$body);
  61.             if ($name && $email && $body && $valid_email && !$crack){
  62.                 $valid = true;
  63.             } else {
  64.                 $valid = false;
  65.             }
  67.             // Make sure the required data is submitted and the email address is validated
  68.             if ($valid==true){
  70.                 // Made it past validation and requirement checks, so send the email
  71.                 mail($to,$messageSubject,$body,'From: '.$email."\r\n");
  72.                     //if ($confirmation_copy == 1) {
  73.                         // If the confirmation email is enabled, send it
  74.                     //    mail($email,$confirmationSubject,$confirmationBody.$body,'From: '.$to."\r\n");
  75.                     //}
  78.                 // The Email was sent, display the success message
  79.                 $message = $success_message;
  82.         } elseif ($valid==false) { 
  84.                 // Errors occurred
  86.                 if ($crack) {
  87.                     // Crack attempt
  88.                     $details = 'A possible Crack attempt has been detected at '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."\n".'REMOTE IP:' . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ."\n"."REQUEST DATE: " .date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A") . " PST". "\n". "BROWSER:" . $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
  89.                     $subject = 'Possible Crack attempt at '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
  90.                     mail($error_email,$subject,$details,'From: '.$error_email."\r\n");
  91.                     $message = $crack_message;
  92.                 } else { 
  94.                     if (!$valid_email) {
  96.                         // Email is not valid
  97.                         $message = $invalid_email;
  100.                     } else {
  102.                         // Form not complete - required fields were not submitted
  103.                         $message = $incomplete_message;
  105.                     }
  106.                 }
  108.             } else {
  110.                 // Unknown error
  111.                 $message = $unknown_error;
  112.                 $details = 'A unknown error has occurred at '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."\n".'REMOTE IP:' . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] ."\n"."REQUEST DATE: " .date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A") . " PST". "\n". "BROWSER:" . $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
  113.                 $subject = 'Unknown error at '.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
  114.                 mail($error_email,$subject,$details,'From: '.$error_email."\r\n");
  116.             }
  117.     } else {
  118.         // Does anything need to happen if the form is not sent? In most cases, leave this alone.
  119.         $message = $unknown_error;
  120.     }
  121. ?>
Apr 28 '11 #3
1,206 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Well error reporting has been turned off on line 3. Might want to turn that on, over a development server and check to see if there are any errors.

eregi is deprecated in php 5.3.0 other than that nothing jumps out at me.
Apr 28 '11 #4

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