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How to replace a perticular tag's content of an xml file with < instead of &lt; ?

23 New Member
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  1. <contact_us_client_email>
  2.     <message>
  3.         &lt;![CDATA[&lt;link href=\"http:/www.blurbpoint.com/style1.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" /&gt;
  4. &lt;div style=\"width: 900px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;\"&gt;
  5.     &lt;div style=\"width: 900px; height: 100px; float: left; margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0px;\"&gt;
  6.         &lt;img src=\"http://www.blurbpoint.com/images/header.gif\" /&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
  7.     &lt;div style=\"width: 898px; float: left; margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0px; border-left: 1px solid rgb(197, 197, 197); border-right: 1px solid rgb(197, 197, 197);\"&gt;
  8.         &lt;div style=\"width: 900px; float: left; margin: 15px 0pt 0pt 0px; padding: 0pt 0pt 0pt 0px;\"&gt;
  9.             &lt;div style=\"width: 840px; font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: rgb(35, 35, 35); margin: 0pt 0pt 0pt 14px; line-height: 16px;\"&gt;
  10.                 We have Sucessfully Received Your Inquiry. We will contact you.&lt;/div&gt;
  11.         &lt;/div&gt;
  12.         &lt;div style=\"width: 868px; float: left; margin: 15px 0pt 0pt 15px;\"&gt;
  13.             &lt;div style=\"width: 868px; float: left; font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 25px; color: rgb(6, 91, 157);\"&gt;
  14.                 Customer Support&lt;/div&gt;
  15.             &lt;div style=\"border: 1px dashed rgb(140, 140, 140); width: 868px; float: left; margin: 5px 15px 0pt 0px;\"&gt;
  16.                 &lt;div style=\"width: 93px; float: left; margin: 15px 0pt 0pt 7px;\"&gt;
  17.                     &lt;img src=\"http://www.blurbpoint.com/images/customer_support_icon.gif\" /&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
  18.                 &lt;div style=\"width: 753px; float: left; margin: 15px 15px 10px 0px; font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: rgb(40, 40, 40); text-decoration: none; line-height: 16px;\"&gt;
  19.                     Thanks a lot for visiting Blurbpoint.Our Customer Relationship Manager will be get back with top notch solutions soon. For any further queries contact support@blurbpoint.com&lt;/div&gt;
  20.             &lt;/div&gt;
  21.         &lt;/div&gt;
  22.         &lt;div style=\"width: 900px; border-top: 1px solid rgb(214, 214, 214); float: left; margin: 10px 0pt 10px 0px;\"&gt;
  23.             ]]&gt;
  24.     </message>
  26.     <header>
  27.        <![CDATA[Content-Type: text/html;]]>From: support@blurbpoint.com
  28.     </header>
  30. </contact_us_client_email>
I am having problem that, after replacement, i did not get < in place of &lt; or > in place of &gt; because after the replacement output doesn't come in ckeditor where as source shows the code correctly but in that code <[CDATA[ comes like <--[CDATA[ So what should be done? My replacement file is like...

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  1. $doc = new DOMDocument;
  2. $doc->load('xml_mail_format2.xml');
  3. $playlist= $doc->documentElement;
  5. $track = $playlist->getElementsByTagName("message")->item(0);
  7. $newTrack = $doc->createElement('message',"<![CDATA[".$_POST['editor123']."]]>");
  9. $oldtrack= $track->parentNode->replaceChild($newTrack,$track);
  11. echo $doc->saveXML();
  13. $doc->save("xml_mail_format2.xml");
In this file $_POST['editor123'] contains the formatted design from ckeditor.
Feb 7 '11 #1
17 4243
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
your intention is correct as you need to put the content in a CDATA section. however, a CDATA section is created differently (and because of that, your "CDATA section" is inserted as comment).
a CDATA section in XML is an own node type, therefore you have to create it explicitly: DOMDocument->createCDATASec tion($textConte nt);
Feb 7 '11 #2
Kaushal Elsner
23 New Member
Thank you very much for the reply. I just test it & then tell you that if it benefits me or not...will post reply soon for this.
Feb 7 '11 #3
Kaushal Elsner
23 New Member
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  1. $doc = new DOMDocument;
  3. $doc->load('xml_mail_format2.xml');
  5. $playlist= $doc->documentElement;
  7. $track = $playlist->getElementsByTagName("message")->item(0);
  9. $data = $doc->createCDATASection($data);
  11. $newTrack = $doc->createElement('message',$data);
  13. $oldtrack= $track->parentNode->replaceChild($newTrack,$track);
  15. $doc->saveXML();
  17. $doc->save("xml_mail_format2.xml");
It is giving me 2 errors that :
1)Warning</b>: DOMDocument::cr eateElement() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given

2)Argument 1 passed to DOMNode::replac eChild() must be an instance of DOMNode, null given
Feb 7 '11 #4
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
the second error is a follow up of the first error.

you attach a CDATA node like any other node (itís not text, after all), by DOMNode->appendChild( )
Feb 7 '11 #5
Kaushal Elsner
23 New Member
Should I send you the attachment of my xml & php file?
If you permit i send to you...I am waiting for your kind response. Thanks...
Feb 7 '11 #6
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
why would you need to send me the files?
Feb 7 '11 #7
Kaushal Elsner
23 New Member
because i am not getting the thing done.I am still having errors so i asked to you. So if you permit then i will send you the 2 files.
Feb 7 '11 #8
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
just post the php code (and the error messages) here.
Feb 7 '11 #9
Kaushal Elsner
23 New Member
Error Message :- DOMDocument::cr eateElement() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given.
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  1. $data = $_POST['editor123'];
  3. $doc = new DOMDocument;
  5. $doc->load('xml_mail_format2.xml');
  7. $playlist= $doc->documentElement;
  9. $track = $playlist->getElementsByTagName("message")->item(0);
  11. $data = $doc->createCDATASection($data);
  13. $newTrack = $doc->createElement('message',$data);
  15. $oldtrack= $track->parentNode->replaceChild($newTrack,$track);
  17. $doc->saveXML();
  19. $doc->save("xml_mail_format2.xml");
Can you tell me what changes should be made in the above code.Thanks in advance.
Feb 7 '11 #10

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