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is there a possibility of getting rid of this error message?

424 Contributor
Hi all,

this is real simple, I've written this code so I can duplicate images/files after uploading it with jumploader (this doesn't allow for duplicates during the upload process like standard upload handlers... sucks).

It does what it should do which is copy files from one directory to another but I get a error message "Warning: copy() [function.copy]: The first argument to copy() function cannot be a directory in /home/veresour/public_html/streammii.com/q/forTest.php on line 34"... is there a way to avoid this or atleast not display it?

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  1. $pathA = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne853139394/tmp/l/";
  2. $pathB = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne853139394/tmp/t/";
  3.  // path to the directory to read ( ./ reads the dir this file is in)
  4.     if ($handle = opendir($pathA)) {
  5.            while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
  6.         if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
  7.             if(!is_dir($file)){
  8.                 $item[] = $file;
  9.                 sort($item,SORT_REGULAR);
  10.                 }
  11.                }
  12.            }
  13.            closedir($handle);
  14.     }
  15.         $total_items = count($item);
  17.         print_r($item);
  19.         echo '<br/>';
  21.         $total_items = count($item);
  22.         echo $total_items;
  24.         for($n=0; $n<=$total_items; $n++) {
  25.             $source = $pathA . $item[$n];
  26.             $destination = $pathB . $item[$n];
  27.             $thumbnailCopy = copy($source, $destination);
  28.         }
Jul 9 '10 #1
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431 Recognized Expert Contributor

Your problem is in line 24 "for loop" should look like this:

for($n=0; $n<=$total_items - 1; $n++) {


But it can be done without it:
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  1. $pathA = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne853139394/tmp/l/";
  2. $pathB = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne853139394/tmp/t/";
  4. if($handle = opendir($pathA)) {
  5.     while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
  6.         if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
  7.             if(!is_dir($file)){
  8.                 $destination = $pathB . $file;
  9.                 copy($file, $destination);
  10.             }
  11.         }
  12.     }
  13.     closedir($handle);
  14. }
Jul 9 '10 #2
424 Contributor
I never thought of it that way... thanks for the heads up zorgi it's much appreciated
Jul 10 '10 #3
424 Contributor
ok thanks again zorgi for the idea here is my final code that I tested and it works perfectly... it duplicates the images then resizes them according to width and height

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  1. include('SimpleImage.php');
  2. $pathA = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne919500405/tmp/l/";
  3. $pathB = "user/aetienne/photos/aetienne919500405/tmp/t/";
  5.     if ($handle = opendir($pathA)) {
  6.            while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
  7.         if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
  8.             if(!is_dir($file)){
  9.                 $source = $pathA . $file;
  10.                 $destination = $pathB . $file;
  11.                 copy($source, $destination);
  14.  $details = array();
  15.  $details = getimagesize($source);
  16.  $detailsWidth = $details[0];
  17.  $detailsHeight = $details[1];
  19.              if ($detailsWidth > $detailsHeight){
  20.              $image = new SimpleImage();
  21.              $image->load("$source");
  22.              $image->resize(450,350);
  23.              $image->save("$source");
  25.              $image = new SimpleImage();
  26.              $image->load("$destination");
  27.              $image->resize(100,70);
  28.              $image->save("$destination"); 
  29.              } 
  30.              elseif ($detailsHeight > $detailsWidth) {
  31.              $image = new SimpleImage();
  32.              $image->load("$source");
  33.              $image->resize(240,350);
  34.              $image->save("$source"); 
  36.              $image = new SimpleImage();
  37.              $image->load("$destination");
  38.              $image->resize(70,100);
  39.              $image->save("$destination"); 
  40.              }
  41.                 }
  42.                }
  43.            }
  44.            closedir($handle);
  45.     }
Jul 10 '10 #4

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