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How can I change this function to add a line break ?

290 Contributor
I am using a function called htmlwrap() which states that it
does NOT add a "<br>" to the 70 character
line so that it forces a line wrap.

( the script safely wraps long words without destroying
html tags which wordwrap has a tendency of doing! ))

What I want to do is add that line break so that it DOES force a
line wrap - but I am not sure where to insert it in the function

Can anyone suggest which line of the following function to change ?

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. /* htmlwrap() is a function which wraps HTML by breaking long words and
  2. * preventing them from damaging your layout.  This function will NOT
  3. * insert <br /> tags every "width" characters as in the PHP wordwrap()
  4. * function. 
  5. */
  7. function htmlwrap($str, $width = 70, $break = "\n", $nobreak = "") {
  9.   // Split HTML content into an array delimited by < and >
  10.   // The flags save the delimeters and remove empty variables
  11.   $content = preg_split("/([<>])/", $str, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE | PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
  13.   // Transform protected element lists into arrays
  14.   $nobreak = explode(" ", strtolower($nobreak));
  16.   // Variable setup
  17.   $intag = false;
  18.   $innbk = array();
  19.   $drain = "";
  21.   // List of characters it is "safe" to insert line-breaks at
  22.   // It is not necessary to add < and > as they are automatically implied
  23.   $lbrks = "/?!%)-}]\\\"':;&";
  25.   // Is $str a UTF8 string?
  26.   $utf8 = (preg_match("/^([\x09\x0A\x0D\x20-\x7E]|[\xC2-\xDF][\x80-\xBF]|\xE0[\xA0-\xBF][\x80-\xBF]|[\xE1-\xEC\xEE\xEF][\x80-\xBF]{2}|\xED[\x80-\x9F][\x80-\xBF]|\xF0[\x90-\xBF][\x80-\xBF]{2}|[\xF1-\xF3][\x80-\xBF]{3}|\xF4[\x80-\x8F][\x80-\xBF]{2})*$/", $str)) ? "u" : "";
  28.   while (list(, $value) = each($content)) {
  29.     switch ($value) {
  31.       // If a < is encountered, set the "in-tag" flag
  32.       case "<": $intag = true; break;
  34.       // If a > is encountered, remove the flag
  35.       case ">": $intag = false; break;
  37.       default:
  39.         // If we are currently within a tag...
  40.         if ($intag) {
  42.           // Create a lowercase copy of this tag's contents
  43.           $lvalue = strtolower($value);
  45.           // If the first character is not a / then this is an opening tag
  46.           if ($lvalue{0} != "/") {
  48.             // Collect the tag name   
  49.             preg_match("/^(\w*?)(\s|$)/", $lvalue, $t);
  51.             // If this is a protected element, activate the associated protection flag
  52.             if (in_array($t[1], $nobreak)) array_unshift($innbk, $t[1]);
  54.           // Otherwise this is a closing tag
  55.           } else {
  57.             // If this is a closing tag for a protected element, unset the flag
  58.             if (in_array(substr($lvalue, 1), $nobreak)) {
  59.               reset($innbk);
  60.               while (list($key, $tag) = each($innbk)) {
  61.                 if (substr($lvalue, 1) == $tag) {
  62.                   unset($innbk[$key]);
  63.                   break;
  64.                 }
  65.               }
  66.               $innbk = array_values($innbk);
  67.             }
  68.           }
  70.         // Else if we're outside any tags...
  71.         } else if ($value) {
  73.           // If unprotected...
  74.           if (!count($innbk)) {
  76.             // Use the ACK (006) ASCII symbol to replace all HTML entities temporarily
  77.             $value = str_replace("\x06", "", $value);
  78.             preg_match_all("/&([a-z\d]{2,7}|#\d{2,5});/i", $value, $ents);
  79.             $value = preg_replace("/&([a-z\d]{2,7}|#\d{2,5});/i", "\x06", $value);
  81.             // Enter the line-break loop
  82.             do {
  83.               $store = $value;
  85.               // Find the first stretch of characters over the $width limit
  86.               if (preg_match("/^(.*?\s)?([^\s]{".$width."})(?!(".preg_quote($break, "/")."|\s))(.*)$/s{$utf8}", $value, $match)) {
  88.                 if (strlen($match[2])) {
  89.                   // Determine the last "safe line-break" character within this match
  90.                   for ($x = 0, $ledge = 0; $x < strlen($lbrks); $x++) $ledge = max($ledge, strrpos($match[2], $lbrks{$x}));
  91.                   if (!$ledge) $ledge = strlen($match[2]) - 1;
  93.                   // Insert the modified string
  94.                   $value = $match[1].substr($match[2], 0, $ledge + 1).$break.substr($match[2], $ledge + 1).$match[4];
  95.                 }
  96.               }
  98.             // Loop while overlimit strings are still being found
  99.             } while ($store != $value);
  101.             // Put captured HTML entities back into the string
  102.             foreach ($ents[0] as $ent) $value = preg_replace("/\x06/", $ent, $value, 1);
  103.           }
  104.         }
  105.     }
  107.     // Send the modified segment down the drain
  108.     $drain .= $value;
  109.   }
  111.   // Return contents of the drain
  112.   return $drain;
  113. }
  115. ?>  
Jul 15 '09 #1
7 4211
1,584 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Why not just use wordwrap() ?

Jul 15 '09 #2
290 Contributor
From my first post:

( the script safely wraps long words without destroying
html tags which wordwrap has a tendency of doing! ))
Anyone know how to insert this line break ?
Jul 15 '09 #3
1,584 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Ya, but you continue as

What I want to do is add that line break so that it DOES force a
line wrap
So I don't get it...do you want to break HTML or not?
Jul 16 '09 #4
290 Contributor
This function htmlwrap() does not add a line break - that is what it says in the description - but that is exactly why I want to modify it

I want to have a line break inserted at the end of 70 characters,
unless doing so will break a html tag - it that case, keep going
until outside the tags - then insert the line break.

This function htmlwrap() is very close to what I want because it carefully
leaves the hyperlinks ( and any other html tags ) intact - it won't touch them.

Wordwrap() on the other hand can not do this - it wrecks my hyperlinks.

So what I want to do is modify this htmlwrap so that it DOES put the
line break in and force a wrap without damaging my hyperlinks.

Can you see a way to modify this function ?
Jul 17 '09 #5
1,584 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Well right in the definition it gives you away to put your own type of break in instead of the default "\n"

What happens if you call the function with the third param as "<br/>" ?

Jul 17 '09 #6
290 Contributor
Well Dan

That is a good idea,
and to be honest, I would have been petty embarrassed
if it had worked ;-)

Although, of course I wanted it to because I want to close the problem.

Unfortunately, it did not make any difference. :(
Jul 17 '09 #7
290 Contributor
Hi all,

Last week I emailed the programmer who wrote this script
to see if he could help me put a line break into it
and force the wrap.

Unfortunately he has not replied, so I am still looking for a solution :(

It is not a very long script, but it is a bit too complicated for me.

Has anyone noticed how I can get my forced wrap ?

Jul 25 '09 #8

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