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How do I read from one file and write to another ?

290 Contributor

I am not very experienced with file handling, so I am
asking for a little help with this.

I have a file called "geotext_1a.csv "
and it is a csv file looking like this:

"","2 .6.190.63","339 96344","3399635 1","GB","Uni ted Kingdom"
"","4.17 .135.31","50331 648","68257567" ,"US","Unite d States"
"","","6 8257568","68257 599","CA","Cana da"

I want to take some data from it and write a file called geo_01.txt

and will look like this :

33996344,339963 51,United Kingdom
50331648,682575 67,United States
68257568,682575 99,Canada

Now I have written some code but I used
the file function to put the contents into an array.

As the file is a few megabytes big, this has caused memory
failure problems.

This is what I have:
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  1. <?php 
  2. $file_array = file('geotext_1a.csv');
  3. $data = array();
  4. $i = 0;
  6. foreach ($file_array as $row)
  7.  {
  8.    $row = str_replace('"','',$row); // get rid of double quotes
  9.      $cells = explode(",",$row);
  10.      $data[$i]['trash1'] = $cells[0];
  11.    $data[$i]['trash2'] = $cells[1];
  12.    $data[$i]['ip1'] = $cells[2];
  13.    $data[$i]['ip2'] = $cells[3];
  14.    $data[$i]['trash3'] = $cells[4];
  15.    $data[$i]['country'] = $cells[5];
  16.      $i++;
  17.   }
  19. echo '<pre>';
  20. print_r($data);
  21. echo '</pre>'; 
  23. ?>  
So my question is

Does processing the file as a stream use
less memory ?

i.e. $handle = fopen("$file"," r")

Because I am not familiar with using this stuff
I don't know how to do this

Any guidance much appreciated

Many thanks
Jul 5 '09 #1
23 7266
16 New Member
Which stage of the code execution is your memory problem occurring at?
Jul 5 '09 #2
290 Contributor
Actually, when I run this , its seems to be working until it gets to a
line and this fatal error occurs:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 13 bytes) in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/convert.php on line 9
Jul 5 '09 #3
17 New Member
Try this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <?php
  2. function read_csv_file($file)
  3. {
  4.     $fp = fopen($file, "r");
  5.     $stream = fread($fp, filesize($file));
  6.     $stream = str_replace("\"","",$stream);
  7.     $rows = explode("\n", $stream);
  8.     $data = array();
  9.     for($i = 0; $i<=count($rows)-1; $i++)
  10.     {
  11.         $cells = explode(",",$rows[$i]);
  12.         $data[$i] = array("trash1" => $cells[0], "trash2" => $cells[1], "ip1" => $cells[2], "ip2" => $cells[3], "trash3" => $cells[4], "country" => $cells[5]);
  13.     }
  14.     return $data;
  15. }
  17. echo '<pre>';
  18. print_r(read_csv_file("test.csv"));
  19. echo '</pre>'; 
  20. ?>  
hope this helps you..
Jul 5 '09 #4
290 Contributor
Thanks for your suggestion.
I ran it on my server and I got this output:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined offset: 4 in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 12

Notice: Undefined offset: 5 in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 12

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 15 bytes) in /home/ew78gt/public_html/sys/con_01.php on line 11
Jul 6 '09 #5
290 Contributor
Instead of putting the whole file into memory,
can I not work on the file just one line at a time ?


1) open the file to read,
2) open file to write,

3) read first row
4) take out double quotes
5) explode row into 6 variables
6) write desired 3 variables to row in new file

7) loop and read next row until end of file.
8) close files


$file1 = "geotext_1a.csv ";
$file2 = "geo_new".t xt";

$fp1 = fopen($file1, "r");
$fp2 = fopen($file2, "w");

while not-end-of-file1
3) read first row
$row = str_replace('"' ,'',$row);
$cells = explode(",",$ro w);
write to file2 on first row $cells[2],$cells[3], $cells[5]

close files

If someone can help me fill in the bits
that I am missing shouldn't this thenl work ok without
memory problems ?
Jul 6 '09 #6
17 New Member
it's possible, just upload the large file (CSV) and give me the link of uploaded file, i will make the code for you
Jul 6 '09 #7
290 Contributor
The file is here:


feel free to download it.
Jul 6 '09 #8
17 New Member
Ok, i downloaded your file and test it with the previous script that i wrote for you and it worked correctly, it seems that you have something wrong with writing columns in your new file,
i changed the script and added another function that works great with your CSV file (i have already test that)

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <?php
  2. function read_csv_file($file, $newfile)
  3. {
  4.     $fp = fopen($file, "r");
  5.     $stream = fread($fp, filesize($file));
  6.     $stream = str_replace("\"","",$stream);
  7.     $rows = explode("\n", $stream);
  8.     $data = array();
  9.     for($i = 0; $i<=count($rows)-1; $i++)
  10.     {
  11.         if(strpos($rows[$i], ","))
  12.         {
  13.             $cells = explode(",",$rows[$i]);
  14.             if(count($cells>=6))
  15.                 write_to_file($newfile, $cells[0], $cells[1], $cells[2]); // You can replace your own columns here (To write to the new file)
  16.         }
  17.     }
  18. }
  20. function write_to_file($file, $col1, $col2, $col3)
  21. {
  22.     $stream = $col1.",".$col2.",".$col3;
  23.     if(strlen($stream)>5)
  24.     {
  25.         $fileExists = file_exists($file);
  26.         $fp = fopen($file, "a");
  27.         if($fileExists) $stream = "\n" . $stream;
  28.         fwrite($fp, $stream, strlen($stream));
  29.         fclose($fp);
  30.     }
  31. }
  33. // export columns from the file
  34. read_csv_file("sourceFile.csv", "newFile.txt");
  35. ?> 
remember 1 thing:
when i checked your CSV file, there was some empty row, that's why you face to those warnings (Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/ew78gt ..)
you don't need to remove the empty lines, the script will ignore them.

if you had any questions, feel free to ask me ;)
Jul 6 '09 #9
290 Contributor
Thanks very much,

I really appreciate the time.

While you doing that I have been reading the manual and
I found these two commands:
fgetcsv() and fputcsv()

So I have written this:

But do not know if it will work.
May be it won't ignore those problem lines ?

What do you think ?

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <?php
  2. $row = 1;
  3. $handle1 = fopen("geotext_1a.csv", "r");
  4. $handle2 = fopen("geo_sm_1a.csv", "w");
  5. while (($data = fgetcsv($handle1,  ",")) !== FALSE) {
  6.     $row = str_replace('"','',$data );
  7.     $cells = explode(",",$row);
  8.         $new_arr = array('$cells[2]', '$cells[3]', '$cells[5]'); 
  10.     fputcsv($handle2,$new_arr);
  11.    }
  12. fclose($handle1);
  13. fclose($handle2);
  14. ?>
Jul 6 '09 #10

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