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Multi-Dimensional Arrays Help - And Other Questions on Arrays

348 Contributor
For some reason, I have always had a hard time understanding arrays as they pertain to php and databases. I understand associative arrays just fine but when there are multidimensiona l arrays, I kinda don't.

I have gone over a few different examples but they were limited. I was able to find one piece of code that I would like to disect and ask questions about so I can gain a better understanding.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. $characters = array
  2. (
  3.   array ( name=>"name 1"
  4.   , occupation=>"developer"
  5.   , age=>30
  6.   , specialty=>"Java"
  7.   ),
  8.   array
  9.   (
  10.     name=>"name 2"
  11.     , occupation=>"Programmer"
  12.     , age=>24
  13.     , specialty=>"C++"
  14.   ),
  15.   array
  16.   (
  17.   name=>"name 3"
  18.   , occupation=>"designer"
  19.   , age=>63
  20.   , specialty=>"Javascript"
  21.   )
  22. );
  24. foreach ($characters as $val)
  25. {
  26.   foreach ($val as $key=>$final_val)
  27.   {
  28.     print "$key: $final_val<br>";
  29.   }
  30.   print "<br>";
  31. }
In this code, the way I am reading this is that there are 3 "rows"??? or blocks of data. Each one of these rows or blocks has several other rows inside of it. I don't have a problem with the arrays per se but more the foreach loop. If I am incorrect about these 3 arrays being rows, please feel free to correct me.

On the foreach, can someone please tell me exactly how and why it is set up the way it is? Specifically, I don't understand why the coder didn't use a key/value pair. He only uses a value, then inside the loop he uses $key=>$final_va l. What I need to understand is why and when to refer to or use the key value pair and when not to. I have also seen code written inside the foreach loop like so: $key['something'] = $val;

What is that? What exactly does it do? If any one can help me to understand these, I would be forever grateful. I have pulled my hair out for the last time on drawing my data out of an array.

Apr 21 '09
110 7060
348 Contributor
Maybe I have a better example. Are these MD arrays kind of like nested tables? If yes, then I can certanly picture it. :)
Apr 21 '09 #11
247 Recognized Expert New Member
a table is a 2 dimentional array. and all other MD arrays are exacly as nested tables :)
Apr 21 '09 #12
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
that means: report all errors except notices and compatibility warnings

there's a whole section explaining this *nudgenudge*

well, yes. although it gets complicated for 3-dimensionals and unimaginable for more than 4 dimensions.
Apr 21 '09 #13
348 Contributor
Wow guys... OK... So let me recap... So we have a 2D array that resembles a table. Then we have a higher level of dimensions that we can say looks like nested tables. Kind of like sayins that each cell can have an array inside of it and it just keeps going from there. Maybe an example.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <table>  <-- array 1
  2.   <tr>
  3.     <td>
  4.       <table>  <-- array 2
  5.         <tr>
  6.           <td>
  7.             <table>  <-- array 3
  8.               <tr>
  9.                 <td>
  10.                   Etc..
  11.                 </td>
  12.               </tr>
  13.             </table>
  14.           </td>
  15.         </tr>
  16.       </table> 
  17.     </td>
  18.   </tr>
  19. </table>
Am I correct? 3D array?
Apr 21 '09 #14
348 Contributor
OK, you win. :) Actually, yesterday I wrote some code and knew that I should have gotten an undefined index but didn't. I was wondering why and figured that it had something to do with the new changes I made.

It's really strange because with those ini values, I now get new messages that I didn't get before like the usual date() timezone error so I thought that it was a stricter ruleset. Thanks for the heads up Dormilich! If I wanted to have a strict set of rules, would I just ise E_ALL? (I'll still read the link you provided.)
Apr 21 '09 #15
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
that's the crucial point.
Apr 21 '09 #16
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert

(blablablubb…20 character limit exeeded…narf)
Apr 21 '09 #17
247 Recognized Expert New Member
take a look at this: its a visual example of a 4D array. hope this helps.

and indeed you create it by putting an array in a array. and that one in another array and that one in another and ... (you get the poin :) )
Apr 21 '09 #18
348 Contributor
Scary thought because each cell or array can have an infinite number of arrays. It blows my mind to even imagine it.

Ok, so if I can just bring this into perspective and maybe have you guys guide me a bit now that I can visualize it. Let's say I have an array like this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. array
  2. (
  3.   array
  4.   (
  5.     'mykey0' => 'myvalue0',
  6.     'mykey1' => 'myvalue1',
  7.     'mykey2' => 'myvalue2'
  8.   ),
  9.   array
  10.   (
  11.     '0' => 'somthin',
  12.     '1' => 'somthin',
  13.     '2' => 'somthin',
  14.     array('0' =>'somethin here')
  15.   )
  16. )
OK. I have a MD array here with a nested array. (Not sure what to call it) How would I refer to the nested array with a foreach?
Apr 21 '09 #19
348 Contributor
Great example Ciary, thanks. Is this a 4D array because each box has 4 columns or because each box has 4 columns? How did you determine that it was 4?

Please tell me that I wouldn't ever encounter an array like this. :)
Apr 21 '09 #20

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