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Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string

4 New Member
Ok, I really need help. I am running EE (an older version admittedly) but this just started happening. I noticed a lot of spam accounts being requesting authorization to my website. I went in to the account management section of my website and I am presented with this:

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  1. Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/ninjamon/public_html/guitars/pm/cp/members.cp.php on line 62
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  1. Here is my members.cp.php file with line 62 marked.
  2. <?php
  3. //
  4. // pMachine Publishing Software
  5. //
  6. // Version 2.3
  7. //
  8. // Copyright (c) 2003 Rick Ellis  All rights reserved.
  9. //
  11. //
  12. // License holders may alter or modify this software for their own use, 
  13. // but may NOT resell or redistribute the modified or derivative version 
  14. // without prior written consent from pMachine.  Components from this 
  15. // software may not be extracted and used in other programs without prior 
  16. // written consent from pMachine.
  17. //
  19. //
  21. //    ----------------------------------------------
  22. //      GET MEMBER PROFILE
  23. //    ----------------------------------------------
  25. function get_member_profile($id, $show) 
  26. {    
  27.     global $use_session_id, $db_members, $L_CALENDAR, $db_mailinglist;
  28.     global $db_session, $member_code, $sx;
  30.     $db = new DB();
  32.     $qval = "id";
  34.     if ($show == "new")
  35.         $qval = "member_id";
  37.     if ($id == "self")
  38.     {
  39.         if ($use_session_id == 1) 
  40.         {
  41.             $sql = "select member_id from $db_session where session_id = '$sx'"; 
  42.             $query = new DB_query($db, $sql);                                                      
  43.             $query->db_fetch_object();
  44.             $member_code = $query->obj->member_id;
  46.             unset($sql);
  47.             unset($query);
  48.         }
  50.         $id = $member_code;
  51.         $qval = "member_id";
  52.     }
  54.     $sql = "select * from $db_members where $qval = '$id'";    
  55.     $query = new DB_query($db, $sql);                                                      
  56.     $query->db_fetch_object();
  58.     $query->obj->lastpost <> 0 ? $lastpost = date("m/d/Y m:i a",$query->obj->lastpost) : $lastpost = "-"; 
  60.     $joindate = date("m/d/Y m:i a",$query->obj->joindate);
  63.     $q = "select count(*) as count from $db_mailinglist where email='$query->obj->email'"; <-- LINE 62
  64.     $res = new DB_query($db, $q);
  65.     $res->db_fetch_object();
  67.     $res->obj->count > 0 ? $mailinglist ="yes" : $mailinglist ="";
  69.     unset($q);
  70.     unset($res)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a coder or php guru. I am mostly the opposite of that.

Apr 17 '09 #1
9 37161
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
try var_dump() on $query and $query->obj, maybe it gives some hints.
Apr 17 '09 #2
4 New Member
Ok, I don't really know to do that. I running everything from the GUI.
Apr 30 '09 #3
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
e.g. paste following code into line 61:
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  1. var_dump( $query );
  2. var_dump( $query->obj );
this will give you some text output (namely the object's properties).
Apr 30 '09 #4
4 New Member
Wow. Thank you. That got me this:
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  1. object(DB_query)#3 (9) { ["query"]=>  resource(61) of type (mysql result) ["sql"]=>  string(40) "select * from pm_members where id = '80'" ["row"]=>  array(0) { } ["obj"]=>  object(stdClass)#2 (27) { ["id"]=>  string(2) "80" ["member_id"]=>  string(23) "20888449254861dcdad253d" ["username"]=>  string(9) "abu***" ["password"]=>  string(32) "[removed]" ["signature"]=>  string(9) "abu***" ["email"]=>  string(17) "***@krim.ws" ["location"]=>  string(0) "" ["url"]=>  string(0) "" ["occupation"]=>  string(0) "" ["interests"]=>  string(0) "" ["bio"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_day"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_month"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_year"]=>  string(0) "" ["icq"]=>  string(0) "" ["aol_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["yahoo_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["msn_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["show_email"]=>  string(2) "no" ["get_email"]=>  string(2) "no" ["joindate"]=>  string(10) "1214373082" ["numentries"]=>  string(1) "0" ["numcomments"]=>  string(1) "0" ["lastpost"]=>  string(1) "0" ["status"]=>  string(1) "2" ["ipaddress"]=>  string(14) "" ["deft_weblog"]=>  string(0) "" } ["res"]=>  NULL ["numrows"]=>  NULL ["rows"]=>  int(0) ["errors"]=>  int(0) ["result"]=>  bool(true) } object(stdClass)#2 (27) { ["id"]=>  string(2) "80" ["member_id"]=>  string(23) "20888449254861dcdad253d" ["username"]=>  string(9) "abubmiday" ["password"]=>  string(32) "350d20ac2e95dc31d573a3f34a1e3d22" ["signature"]=>  string(9) "abubmiday" ["email"]=>  string(17) "stotlytof@krim.ws" ["location"]=>  string(0) "" ["url"]=>  string(0) "" ["occupation"]=>  string(0) "" ["interests"]=>  string(0) "" ["bio"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_day"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_month"]=>  string(0) "" ["bday_year"]=>  string(0) "" ["icq"]=>  string(0) "" ["aol_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["yahoo_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["msn_im"]=>  string(0) "" ["show_email"]=>  string(2) "no" ["get_email"]=>  string(2) "no" ["joindate"]=>  string(10) "1214373082" ["numentries"]=>  string(1) "0" ["numcomments"]=>  string(1) "0" ["lastpost"]=>  string(1) "0" ["status"]=>  string(1) "2" ["ipaddress"]=>  string(14) "" ["deft_weblog"]=>  string(0) "" }
  2. Catchable fatal error: 
Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/ninjamon/public_html/guitars/pm/cp/members.cp.php on line 63

Can you help me decipher it? I am not a db person at all.

Apr 30 '09 #5
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
where can I find the definition of the DB class? (the class used on line 30)

basicly I need to figure out whether $query->obj->email is a public, protected or private property, maybe I can find out something by looking at the db_fetch_obj() method.
Apr 30 '09 #6
4 New Member
I am not sure. Sorry. But I am willing to send you any file you think would help. I know I am not much of a help here. LOL. Sorry.
Apr 30 '09 #7
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
I'll first try my luck with the definition of DB. you can recognise it by the following line

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  1. class DB
  2. // or 
  3. class DB extends {parent-class-name}
  4. // or
  5. class DB implements {one ore more interface names}
May 1 '09 #8
1 New Member
Thanks Dormilich!
You made me sign-up for this forum. :)
Nov 27 '09 #9
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
unfortunately such interesting topics like OOP are rather rare (;_;)
Nov 27 '09 #10

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