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foreach loop

424 Contributor
is it possible to have more than 1 array on a foreach loop?
Mar 18 '09 #1
19 1526
1,168 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
What do you mean? Post a sample code so we can see what you're trying to do.
Mar 18 '09 #2
25 New Member
yes, by adding array from while loop
Mar 19 '09 #3
25 New Member
Try to use while loop for getting array
Mar 19 '09 #4
424 Contributor
how would i use the while loop to add the extra array to a foreach loop?

at 1st i thought id have to to the array_combine.. ...that way i can make an extra key and value using the 2 arrays i need. But i still can't figure how to get the extra item into the foreach....once i combined my arrays i tried this

$details = array_combine($ _POST['photoT'], $_POST['captionT']);

// Loop through the POST items
foreach ( (($_POST['picT'] as $picT => $picStart)) && ($details as $photoName => $picCaption)) )


$nameCapsA = $xmlobj->addChild($picS tart);
$nameCapsA->addAttribute(" name", $photoName);
$nameCapsA->addAttribute(" caption", $picCaption);

Mar 19 '09 #5
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
You can only use 1 array as a foreach() loop's argument.

Am I right in thinking the amount of files you upload will be the same as the amount of captions you have?

The reason I suggested you do it all in one loop, is because (if you are having the same number of items -- above) you could use the array key given from the foreach loop to access the same index of a different array.

Consider this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. $array_1 = array ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 );
  2. $array_2 = array ( "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "six" );
  4. foreach ( $array_1 as $key => $value )
  5. {
  6.     echo "{$value} = {$array_2[$key]}<br />";
  7. }
  8. // Produces:
  9. // 1 = one
  10. // 2 = two
  11. // ... etc.
Mar 19 '09 #6
424 Contributor
yes you are right in suggesting that but as i have three arrays it's not that easy......ahhhh h but?

what if i have a while loop to generate one and and the use a foreach loop within the while loop for the $key & $value...would that work better? I will do a test and post my code here
Mar 19 '09 #7
424 Contributor
also please bare in mind this is being used towards simpleXML.....i t doesn't always take php coding as it should once output.......su ch a pain
Mar 19 '09 #8
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
Do you mean you have a multi-dimensional array, or 3 seperate arrays?

Can I please see your upload form; I can't make sense of what's happening here.
Mar 19 '09 #9
424 Contributor
the form fields are generated with php, below is what is generated. I'm trying to make an array that can be used within the foreach....i dont really know how many arrays I need but i have 3 picT, photoT, captionT.....i' ve named the fields picT[] photoT[] and captionT[] as to use them as an array when i generate the xml file

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.             echo '<td><center><p><a href="'.$img_path .'"><img src= "'.$path.$item[$n] .'" height="100" width="100"></a></p></center>';
  2.             echo '<center><p><input type="hidden" name="picT[]" value="pic'.$pn++.'"/></p></center>';
  3.             echo '<center><p><input type="hidden" name="photoT[]" value="PHOTO '.$pto++.'"/></p></center>';
  4.             echo '<center><p><input type="text" name="captionT[]" value=""/></p></center>';
  5.             echo "<center><p><a href=imgEdit.php?img=$img_path> > Edit Image < </a></p></center><br></td>";
Mar 19 '09 #10

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