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image resize

123 New Member
i have an image which width is 213 and height is 200 when
i echo the image and i resize it
echo "<img src='company/$present' width='70' height='68'/>";
the image was not as clear as when it was 213 * 200.how can i
make the image clear after i have resize it to 70 * 200.
Jan 23 '09 #1
22 4942
5,058 Recognized Expert Expert

When you resize it as you do, with the <img> height and width attributes, you are essentially leaving it up to the browser to resize it.
Predictably, Internet Explorer does a horrible job at this, while the other major browsers do a pretty good job resizing them.

If you want to ensure that the image is scaled smoothly, you can have PHP resize the image. The GD extension offers the imagecopyresamp led function, which does an excellent job resizing images. (See the documentation for examples on how to use it)

Note that image processing is a very resource intensive task, so if you frequently display you images resized, you should save the resized image to the server's file-system and serve it from there, rather then resize it for every request.
Jan 23 '09 #2
123 New Member
what if i want to echo the image from my database, which
will involve vaious image how can i then resize it and
also keep the resize image smooth like the original.i
will appreciate it if the answer that will be given to me will
be edited on my code

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  1. <?php
  2. $query = "SELECT * FROM photo";
  3. $result = mysql_query ($query) or die('query error');
  4. $count = 0;
  5. while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)){
  6. $image = $line[picname];
  7. echo "<img src='company/$image'/> ";
  8. $count++;
  9. }
Jan 26 '09 #3
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
if you want to echo the image from DB (that is, you have the image itself stored there (as binary data)) you need a script of its own that fetches the image, applies any changes you want (e.g. resizing) and gives out the result.
Jan 26 '09 #4
916 Contributor
This article about Uploading files into a MySQL database using PHP
might help you. It discusses a great way to handle image files, although it might not directly answer your "resizing" question. Just throwing it out there as a reference.

Thanks Atli ;)
Jan 26 '09 #5
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
Resizing images 'on the fly' (whenever you pull them from a database, etc) will eat into your resources like a fat kid into some delicious cake. When a photo is uploaded, use the GD extension that Atli linked to, and then save a seperate copy of the resized image. That way, you're saving resources, but sacrificing a small amount of HDD space.
Jan 26 '09 #6
123 New Member
i have a problem with the following code below, the image is not showing
the image is display as if there is a missing link, i have check the code
and i see not thing wrong with it and aslo i have enable the GD Library on
my wamp server

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  1. <?php
  2. //my Image
  3. $imgSrc = '36.jpg'; 
  4. list($width, $height) = getimagesize($imgSrc); 
  5. //saving the image into memory (for manipulation with GD Library)
  6. $myImage = imagecreatefromjpeg($imgSrc); 
  7. if($width > $height) $biggestSide = $width; 
  8. else $biggestSide = $height; 
  9. $cropPercent = .5; 
  10. $cropWidth   = $biggestSide*$cropPercent; 
  11. $cropHeight  = $biggestSide*$cropPercent; 
  12. $c1 = array("x"=>($width-$cropWidth)/2, "y"=>($height-$cropHeight)/2);
  13. $thumbSize = 60; 
  14. $thumb = imagecreatetruecolor($thumbSize, $thumbSize); 
  15. imagecopyresampled($thumb, $myImage, 0, 0, $c1['x'], $c1['y'], $thumbSize, $thumbSize, $cropWidth, $cropHeight); 
  16. $lineWidth = 1;
  17. $margin    = 0;  
  18. $green    = imagecolorallocate($thumb, 193, 252, 182);
  20. for($i=0; $i<2; $i++){
  21. imagefilledrectangle($thumb, $margin, $margin, $margin+$lineWidth, $thumbSize-$margin, $green); 
  22. imagefilledrectangle($thumb, $thumbSize-$margin-$lineWidth, $margin, $thumbSize-$margin, $thumbSize-$margin, $green);
  23. imagefilledrectangle($thumb, $margin, $margin, $thumbSize-$margin-$lineWidth, $margin+$lineWidth, $green); 
  24. imagefilledrectangle($thumb, $margin, $thumbSize-$margin-$lineWidth, $thumbSize-$margin-$lineWidth, $thumbSize-$margin,$green);
  25. $margin+=4; 
  26.     header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
  27.     imagejpeg($thumb);
  28.     imagedestroy($thumb);
  30. ?>
Feb 7 '09 #7
1,168 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Line 7, 8 should have {curly brackets}:
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  1. if($width > $height) {$biggestSide = $width;}
  2. else {$biggestSide = $height;}
Other than that I can't see anything big... Will look again later if noone has replied.
Feb 8 '09 #8
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
Not true in this case; because the conditional statement only has one statement within it, curly brackets can be omitted.

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  1. // will work
  2. if ( $a === $b )
  3.  echo "hi";
  4. else
  5.  echo "yo";
  7. // won't work
  8. if ( $a === $b )
  9.  echo "hello ";
  10.  echo "world";
  11. else
  12.  echo "hi";
Feb 8 '09 #9
1,168 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Interesting. I had a feeling that was the case, but wasn't 100% sure. Anyway, I use them all the time for consistency. Thanks for the tip. Suggestion withdrawn.
Feb 9 '09 #10

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