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Include PHP Code in XML document

228 New Member
Hey all,
I am buildin xml based album and i want to include php code into the xml file. The xml file is generated by coffecup and lookks like this:

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  1. <thumbnailer
  2.    x="10"
  3.    y="375"
  4.    w="450"
  5.    h="80"
  6.    myname="thumbs1"
  7.    image1="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_01_s.jpg"
  8.    bigimage1="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_01.jpg"
  9.    imagecaption1="1"
  10.    image2="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_02_s.jpg"
  11.    bigimage2="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_02.jpg"
  12.    imagecaption2="2"
  13.    image3="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_03_s.jpg"
  14.    bigimage3="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_03.jpg"
  15.    imagecaption3="3"
  16.    image4="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_04_s.jpg"
  17.    bigimage4="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_04.jpg"
  18.    imagecaption4="4"
  19.     image5="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_05.jpg"
  20.    bigimage5="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_05.jpg"
  21.    imagecaption5="5"
  22.     image6="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_06.jpg"
  23.    bigimage6="myalbum/jennifer_aniston_06.jpg"
  24.    imagecaption6="6"
  25.   >
  26.   </thumbnailer>
I want to get the images automatically using php. Anyway i can that? Or can i insert XML data into php document?
Dec 13 '08 #1
7 17574
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
You can read an .XML file by using any of PHP's built in functions.

PHP: XMLReader - Manual

A google for 'php read xml' will do you fine.
Dec 13 '08 #2
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
two other PHP classes that deal with XML.

PHP: DOMDocument - Manual

PHP: SimpleXML - Manual

Dec 13 '08 #3
10 New Member
You must sent the xml header to the browser in your php file.

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  2. <?php 
  4. header("Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8");
  6. echo '<thumbnailer'>;
  9. /* PHP code to generate your data goes here */
  12. echo '</thumbnailer>';
  15. exit;
  16. ?>
Dec 14 '08 #4
228 New Member
ur way seems to be easy. but i need to create the file always that means, rgt? My idea is to update only the contents of the <thumbnailer> section of the XML doc (it is a very long,long one). I need to insert the PHP code right in the xml document. Or is it possible to have the php code with XML code in between?
Dec 16 '08 #5
10 New Member
You need to put the xml code into the php file. By sending the xml header to the browser, you tell the browser to render it as an XML document.

To send the XML header to the browser just put this at the top of your php file before any other output :

header("Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8");

You CAN'T put php inside XML document BUT you can put xml inside a php document

Hope it clarify!
Dec 16 '08 #6
228 New Member
thats very clear, thankx!
Dec 16 '08 #7
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
Or you could just update the <thumbnailer> section by using one of the many XML classes PHP has - like suggested before.
Dec 16 '08 #8

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