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Encoding and saving password during login

12 New Member
Hello all.
I am having some questions about a subject.
I am running a small social community using SocialEngine and i want to include phpbb3 with an arcade mod or any arcade board that support high scores.
My problem is that i do not want my users to re-register into the board. So if I manage to encode the password during login, into the encoding system of phpbb3 or just md5, I will make the registrations my self through the database.

That means they will login every time they want to access the arcade unless they press remember me, but they will not register themselves.

I know that this is something that is able to be made.
Also is there any chance to make the login into the arcade automatic?
There is tutorial and a script that it is used for phpbb2 and it is available here http://www.socialengine.net/tutorial...tutorial_id=44

Thank you all.
Nov 23 '08 #1
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12 New Member
This is a code i found into the socialengine's plugin.
I think this does all the work

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  2.     // INPUT: 
  3.     // OUTPUT: 
  4.     function forum_user_create() {
  5.       global $db, $board_config;
  7.       // GET NEXT USER ID
  8.       $row = $db->sql_fetchrow($db->sql_query("SELECT MAX(user_id) AS max_user_id FROM " . USERS_TABLE));
  9.       $forum_user_id = $row['max_user_id'] + 1;
  11.       // ENCRYPT PASSWORD
  12.       $password_md5 = md5(randomcode());
  15.       $viewemail          = FALSE;
  16.       $allowviewonline    = TRUE;
  17.       $notifyreply        = FALSE;
  18.       $notifypm           = TRUE;
  19.       $popup_pm           = TRUE;
  20.       $attachsig          = $board_config['allow_sig'];
  21.       $allowhtml          = $board_config['allow_html'];
  22.       $allowbbcode        = $board_config['allow_bbcode'];
  23.       $allowsmilies       = $board_config['allow_smilies'];
  24.       $user_style         = $board_config['default_style'];
  25.       $user_dateformat    = $board_config['default_dateformat'];
  26.       $user_timezone      = $board_config['board_timezone'];
  27.       $user_lang          = $board_config['default_lang'];
  29.       // BEGIN PHPBB2 INSERT
  30.       $db->sql_query("INSERT INTO " . USERS_TABLE . "(user_id,
  31.                             username,
  32.                             user_regdate,
  33.                             user_password,
  34.                             user_email,
  35.                             user_viewemail,
  36.                             user_attachsig,
  37.                             user_allowsmile,
  38.                             user_allowhtml,
  39.                             user_allowbbcode,
  40.                             user_allow_viewonline,
  41.                             user_notify,
  42.                             user_notify_pm,
  43.                             user_popup_pm,
  44.                             user_timezone,
  45.                             user_dateformat,
  46.                             user_lang,
  47.                             user_style,
  48.                             user_level,
  49.                             user_allow_pm,
  50.                             user_active,
  51.                             user_actkey
  52.                             ) VALUES (
  53.                             '$forum_user_id',
  54.                             '".$this->user_info[user_username]."',
  55.                             '".time()."', 
  56.                             '$password_md5',
  57.                             '".$this->user_info[user_email]."',
  58.                             '$viewemail',
  59.                             '$attachsig',
  60.                             '$allowsmilies',
  61.                             '$allowhtml',
  62.                             '$allowbbcode',
  63.                             '$allowviewonline',
  64.                             '$notifyreply',
  65.                             '$notifypm',
  66.                             '$popup_pm',
  67.                             '$user_timezone',
  68.                             '".str_replace("\'", "''", $user_dateformat)."',
  69.                             '".str_replace("\'", "''", $user_lang)."',
  70.                             '$user_style',
  71.                             0,
  72.                             1,
  73.                             1,
  74.                             '')");
Nov 24 '08 #2

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