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using a for loop within SELECT statement?

36 New Member
Hi all, i've been pondering with an idea for my system to allow the user to make reports depending on what he needs. His input screen will be a series of select options corresponding to the table columns. There will be the same number of select statements on screen as there are tables / columns in my database.

Table 1 = id, date, age (etc.....)
Table 2 = make model (etc....)
Table N = etc

_______________ _________
select1 select2 select3

select4 select5


so the user can add really any number of these say up to 30(although will never get a report with this amount but keeps options open).

The problem i can foresee is in using mysql ( SELECT (for($i=1, $i<=30, i++) etc. if i can get this working it will mean i would not have to hard code say even up to 10 queries.

As I am new to this programming in PHP and mySQL i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as i feel php code cannot be used within sql code.

I am using PHP 5 with HTML.

Any help in this matter is much appreciated as it is the last thing i have to do so i can finish my project :)
Sep 15 '08 #1
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5,821 Recognized Expert Expert
Heya, Micky.

A query is just a string that PHP passes to the SQL server. You can modify it however you want before you pass it off to your query() method.


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  1. for( $i = 0; $i < 99; ++$i )
  2. {
  3.   $res = $db->query("SELECT `stuff` FROM `table` WHERE `id` = '{$i}' LIMIT 1");
  5.   // Do stuff with $res
  6. }
Alternatively, you might be able to use a join in your SQL query and do away with all the extra query calls altogether. This would be a topic for the MySQL forum.
Sep 15 '08 #2
36 New Member
thanks for the quick reply pbmods
so will ur code give me the same as:

table 1 ----- 1 select option
table 2 ----- 3 select options

mysql( SELECT option1 option2 option3 option4 option5
FROM table1, table2
WHERE (the user will input two values here that will do this)
so that i can then make a report that will read

option1 option2 option3 option4 option5

I think u have probably solved it i just cant seem to get my head around the code :(
Sep 15 '08 #3
5,821 Recognized Expert Expert
It sounds like you want to be able to report on items in one table that match criteria in a second table. Is that correct?

For example:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. /** Open the HTML table. */
  2. echo '
  3. <table>
  4. ';
  6. /** Run a query to fetch all options that the User selected. */
  7. $selectedItems =
  8.   $db->query
  9.   (
  10.     "
  11. SELECT
  12.          `ItemID`
  13.        , `Name`
  14.   FROM
  15.        `Items`
  16.  WHERE
  17.        `Description` LIKE '%{$searchTerm}%'
  18.     "
  19.   );
  21. /** For each item in the result... */
  22. foreach( $selectedItems as $rowItem )
  23. {
  24.   /** ... output a header row for the item... */
  25.   echo "
  26. <tr>
  27.   <th colspan=\"3\">{$rowItem->Name}</th>
  28. </tr>";
  30.   /** ... then run a separate query to fetch the options for that item. */
  31.   $itemOptions =
  32.     $db->query
  33.     (
  34.       "
  35. SELECT
  36.             `Options`.`OptionID`
  37.           , `Options`.`Name`
  38.           , `Options`.`Adjustment`
  39.   FROM
  40.               `Map_ItemOptions`
  41.     LEFT JOIN `Options`
  42.           USING (`OptionID`)
  43.  WHERE
  44.           `Map_ItemOptions`.`ItemID` = '{$row->ItemID}'
  45.  ORDER BY
  46.           `Options`.`Name` ASC
  47.       "
  48.     );
  50.     /** For each option that we were able to fetch for the item... */
  51.     foreach( $itemOptions as $rowOptions )
  52.     {
  53.       /** ... output the information we fetched for that option. */
  54.       echo "
  55. <tr>
  56.   <td>{$rowOptions->OptionID}</td>
  57.   <td>{$rowOptions->Name}</td>
  58.   <td>{$rowOptions->Adjustment}</td>
  59. </tr>";
  60.     }
  61. }
  63. /** Close our HTML table. */
  64. echo '
  65. </table>
  66. ';
Sep 17 '08 #4
36 New Member
yeh thats spot on so it is. im going to implement now. Cheers for the help!
Sep 18 '08 #5

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