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database class

Hi Folk

What do you think about this database class? Do you have any feedback
or ideas on how it could be improved?

Thank you


class dbClass {
const = costant
private = only available within class
protected = only available within class and related classes
to force to slave (if appropiate), choose "false" for
overideToMaster variable
enter values below
public $errorString, $debug;
protected $firstWord, $databaseLink;
private $timeCriticalTa blesArray = array("temp2"); // tables that
should always be done on the master
private $databaseArray = array(
"MASTER" =array("serverN ame"=>'xxx', "username"=>'xx x-1',
"password"=>'xx x', "databaseName"= >'xxx-1'),
"SLAVE" =array("serverN ame"=>'xxx', "username"=>'xx x-2',
"password"=>'xx x', "databaseName"= >'xxx-2')
private $sqlFirstWordIs SafeArray = array("SELECT") ; //THESE HAVE TO
BE UPPERCASE!!!!!! !!!!!!!
private $masterDigitsAr ray = array(0,2,4,6,8 ); //change the ratio
between servers - the more numbers, the more work for the master
const maxTries = 3; //number of connection tries before an error is
//initialisation, debugging and destruction
function __construct() {
$this->debugLine .= 'Starting DB class:<hr />';
function __destruct() {
//mysql_close($th is->databaseLink );
$this->debugLine .= '<hr />Closeing Object:<br />';
public function getDebugInfo() {
echo "<p>".$this->debugLine."</p>";
if($this->errorString) {
echo '<p style="color: red;">'.$this->errorString. '</p>';
$this->debugLine = '';
$this->errorString = '';

//run queries
public function runQuery($query Type = "", $sqlString,
$overideToMaste r = 0) {
//determine query type if not set
if(!($this->databaseLink = $this->createConnecti on($sqlString,
$overideToMaste r))) {
return false;
//retrieve results
$this->debugLine .= ', running: <i style="font-size: 0.8em;">'.
if(!($result = mysql_query($sq lString, $this->databaseLink)) ) {
$this->errorString = ", error in SQL statement: ".mysql_error() .'';
return false;
switch($queryTy pe) {
case "value":
$data = $this->getFirstCell($ result); break;
case "rows":
$data = $this->getRows($resul t); break;
case "oneRow":
$data = $this->getOneRow($res ult); break;
case "insert":
$data = $this->getUpdateQuery ($result); break;
$data = $result;
//mysql_free_resu lt($result);
return $data;
private function getUpdateQuery( $result) {
// runs any update query and returns the newly inserted row ID
(autonumber) for an insert
if(mysql_insert _id()) {
return mysql_insert_id ();
elseif(mysql_af fected_rows($th is->databaseLink)) {
return mysql_affected_ rows($this->databaseLink );
else {
$this->errorString .= "<br />Maybe no data was affected";
return true;

private function getFirstCell($r esult) {
// gets the first cell of the first row (useful for SELECT COUNT(*)
if (mysql_num_rows ($result) != 1) {
$this->debugLine .= ", the getFirstCell function could not be
executed because it did not have one line";
return false;
return mysql_result($r esult, 0,0);

private function getRows($result ) {
//returns a multidimensiona l array
$manyRowArray = array();
while($row = mysql_fetch_ass oc($result)) {
$manyRowArray[] = $row;
return $manyRowArray;

private function getOneRow($resu lt) {
$row = array();
$row = mysql_fetch_ass oc($result);
return $row;
//database connection
private function createConnectio n($sqlString, $overideToMaste r = 0,
$lastTry = "", $counter = 0) {
//works on the assumption that the SLAVE will be used,
// but only if it passes all the tests
//ratios can be adjusted wtih the oddEvenRatio
$connection = false;
$this->selectedDataba se = "MASTER";
$this->debugLine .= " --- DB connection: ";
if($counter self::maxTries) {
$this->errorString = "Can not connect to database.";
return 0;
elseif($overide ToMaster) {
//do nothing
$this->debugLine .= ', M: overideToMaster = '.$overideToMas ter;
elseif($lastTry == "SLAVE") {
//do nothing
$this->debugLine .= ', M: tried Slave last';
elseif($this->isTimeCritical Query($sqlStrin g)) {
//do nothing
$this->debugLine .= ', M: time critical table present';
elseif(!$this->sqlFirstWordIs Safe($sqlString )) {
//do nothing
$this->debugLine .= ', M: first word is not save';
elseif($this->isMasterDigit( ) && overideToMaster !== false) {
//do nothing
$this->debugLine .= ', M: masterDigit';
else {
$this->selectedDataba se = "SLAVE";
$dbDetails = $this->databaseArra y[$this->selectedDataba se];
$this->debugLine .= ', attempt connection to: '.$this-
>selectedDataba se;
if ( $this->databaseLink = mysql_connect($ dbDetails["serverName "],
$dbDetails["username"], $dbDetails["password"], $counter) ) {
if(mysql_select _db($dbDetails["databaseNa me"], $this-
>databaseLink )) {
return $this->databaseLink ;
else {
$this->errorString .= ', could not select database';
else {
$this->errorString .= ', could not create database link';
//creates a new link if the first one could not be established! JUST
IN CASE (counter 0)
$counter++; //count the amount of connection attempts
$this->debugLine .= ', trying for '.$counter.'<su p>th</suptime to
connect to database';
$lastTry = $this->selectedDataba se;
return $this->createConnecti on($sqlString, $overideToMaste r,
$lastTry, $counter);

private function sqlFirstWordIsS afe($sqlString) {
// selects the first word of the query. (e.g. SELECT, INSERT,
etc...) and compares it to a list of exclusions
// needs to be checked if this will work OK in real life by looking
at all the options
$this->firstWord = strtoupper(subs tr(trim($sqlStr ing), 0,
strpos(trim($sq lString), " ")));
return in_array($this->firstWord, $this->sqlFirstWordIs SafeArray);

private function isMasterDigit() {
// here you can work out some ratio for sending queries to Master or
// This is the way to adjust the load between the servers
return in_array(intval (substr(time(),-1))+0, $this-
>masterDigitsAr ray);

private function isTimeCriticalQ uery($sqlString ) {
// Any queries that contain a reference to the any of the
timeCriticalTab lesArray will always be send to the master
foreach($this->timeCriticalTa blesArray as $value) {
if (stripos($sqlSt ring, $value)!== false) {
return 1;
return 0;


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