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Store multiple selection from pagination info into single array

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I was using a schroll bar to display multiple rows of dynamically created from database records.
The scrolling was not displaying the data properly so I have decided to use pagination.

The problem I am having is,
if I select one item on page #1 and another on page #5
only the last item selected on page #5 is stored in the array.

How can I store selections from multiple pages into one array?

Noite: I am using foreach loop to insert the selected record into a seperate table.


session_start() ;

include("..db_c onnect_in.php") ;

<form action ="../process.php" method="post">

$mysqli = db_connect();
db_select($mysq li, $db_id);


//how many rows to show per page
$BottomRowsPerP age = 17;

//by default we show first page
$BottomPageNum = 1;
//get the current page number
$BottomPageNum = $_GET['botpage'];
//counting the offset
$BottomOffset = ($BottomPageNum - 1) * $BottomRowsPerP age;

/*************** ** determine which and how to select data to display ***************/
$query = "SELECT c.code_id, c.code, c.description
FROM code c
WHERE c.fee_code = m.code
AND c.section_code = 'K'
ORDER BY c.fee_code";

$BottomPagingQu ery = "LIMIT $BottomOffset, $BottomRowsPerP age";
$result = mysqli_query($m ysqli,$query.$B ottomPagingQuer y); //or die('Error, bot query failed');

//search area display area layer and table
echo "<table width=\"99%\" border=\"0\">
<tr align=\"center\ " bgcolor=\"#FFFF FF\" height=\"\">
<td width=\"100%\" >
<div id=\"Layer2\" style=\"positio n:absolute; width:100%; height:550px; z-index:2; left: 12px; top: 305px;\">
<div id=\"pat-dash-scroll-box2\" style=\"overflo w: off; float: left; width: 100%; height: 540px; margin: 0px; \">\n";

//table begins
echo "<table width=\"99%\" height=\"332\" left =\"40\" align = \"\" border=\"0\" font face =\"arial\">\n ";

/**----------------------loop record to display----------------------**/

$num_service = mysqli_num_rows ($result);
for($i=0; $i < $num_service; $i++)
$row = mysqli_fetch_ar ray($result);

list($code_id, $fee1_code, $description) = $row;

//diaplay search results in rows
echo"<tr height=\"10\">
<td width=\"4%\" bgcolor=\"#fff8 dc\" align=\"center\ ">
<input type=\"checkbox \" name=\"fee1_cho ice[$i]\" value=\"$code_i d\"></td>
<td width=\"7%\" bgcolor=\"#fff8 dc\" ><span class=\"style20 \"><strong>$fee 1_code</strong></span></td>
<td width=\"3%\" bgcolor=\"$bgco lor\" height=\"10\">
<input type=\"text\" name=\"fee1_uni t[$i]\" size=\"1\" maxlength=\"2\" value =\"$fee1_unit \"/></td>
<td width=\"79%\" bgcolor=\"$bgco lor\" class=\"style20 \"> $description </td>

}//end of for loop

/**----------------Bottom pagination-------------------**/
echo '<br>';
//how many rows we have in database
$result = mysqli_query($m ysqli,$query) or die('Error, 2 query failed');
$BottomNumRows = mysqli_num_rows ($result);

//how many pages we have when using paging?
$BottomMaxPage = ceil($BottomNum Rows/$BottomRowsPerP age);

$self = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

/** creating 'previous' and 'next' link plus 'first page' and 'last page' link
print 'previous' link only if not on page one **/

if ($BottomPageNum > 1)
$BottomPage = $BottomPageNum - 1;
$BottomPrev = "<a href=\"$self?u_ find=$find&u_fi eld=$field&u_se arch=$searching &u_back=$back&u _special=$speci al&u_service=$s ervices&u_sch_y r=$schedule_yea r&toppage=$TopP ageNum&botpage= $BottomPage\">[Prev]</a> ";
$BottomFirst = "<a href=\"$self?u_ find=$find&u_fi eld=$field&u_se arch=$searching &u_back=$back&u _special=$speci al&u_service=$s ervices&u_sch_y r=$schedule_yea r&toppage=$TopP ageNum&botpage= 1\">[First Page]</a> ";
$BottomPrev = '[Prev]'; // we're on page one, don't enable 'previous' link ,
$BottomFirst = '[First Page]'; // nor 'first page' link

//print 'next' link only if we're not
//on the last page
if ($BottomPageNum < $BottomMaxPage)
$BottomPage = $BottomPageNum + 1;
$BottomNext = "<a href=\"$self?u_ find=$find&u_fi eld=$field&u_se arch=$searching &u_back=$back&u _special=$speci al&u_service=$s ervices&u_sch_y r=$schedule_yea r&toppage=$TopP ageNum&botpage= $BottomPage\">[Next]</a>";
$BottomLast = "<a href=\"$self?u_ find=$find&u_fi eld=$field&u_se arch=$searching &u_back=$back&u _special=$speci al&u_service=$s ervices&u_sch_y r=$schedule_yea r&botpage=$TopP ageNum&botpage= $BottomMaxPage\ ">[Last Page]</a>";
$BottomNext = '[Next]'; // we're on the last page, don't enable 'next' link
$BottomLast = '[Last Page]'; // nor 'last page' link

// print the page navigation link
echo"<center> ". $BottomFirst . $BottomPrev . " <strong>$Bottom PageNum</strong> of <strong>$Bottom MaxPage</strong> pages " . $BottomNext . $BottomLast."</center>";

echo "</div>\n";
echo "</table>\n";
echo "</table>\n";

$mysqli->close();//close connection to db


May 19 '07 #1
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  1.   <td width=\"79%\" bgcolor=\"$bgcolor\" class=\"style20\"> $description </td>
  2.                        echo"</tr>\n";
You're missing a '"' character here; is this intentional? Also, you'll probably like string heredoc syntax.

As for your issue, I would imagine that if your Users' selections aren't getting saved, the problem would be in ../process.php instead.

Let's have a look at that file (try to post only the relevant areas, though. Thanks!).
May 20 '07 #2

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