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Here is the sample text (( http://starkom.com/bill20050820_000000 ))

wanted to know if there is some other function like explode to split
the = sign in each array

Aug 28 '05 #1
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voipcanada schrieb:
Here is the sample text (( http://starkom.com/bill20050820_000000 ))

wanted to know if there is some other function like explode to split
the = sign in each array

perhaps split is the function you are looking for.

However if you don't want to use php: man awk.


Aug 28 '05 #2
ok thanks ,,,,,,

Aug 28 '05 #3
On Sun, 28 Aug 2005 14:01:19 -0700, voipcanada wrote:
Here is the sample text (( http://starkom.com/bill20050820_000000 ))

wanted to know if there is some other function like explode to split
the = sign in each array

This is not going to work with the simple split. You'll first have to
split using ",\s+" and then, in turn, to split each array element of the
resulting array using "=" as delimiter. The code would look like this:

$fh = fopen("/tmp/myfile.txt", "r");
while (!feof($fh)) {
$buff = fgets($fh, 4096);
$line = preg_split("/,\s+/", "DATE=$buff ");
foreach($line as $elem) {
$pair = preg_split("/=/", $elem);
@$parsed[$pair[0]] = $pair[1];
print_r($parsed );
$parsed = array();

The output look like this:

[DATE] => Sat Aug 20 18:20:20 2005
[HOST] =>
[SRC-NUMBER-IN] => 8565686628
[DST-NUMBER-IN] => 888#8565487318
[SRC-NUMBER-OUT] => 8565686628
[DST-NUMBER-OUT] => 888#8565487318
[SRC-NUMBER-BILL] => 8565686628
[DST-NUMBER-BILL] => 888#8565487318
[SRC-IP] => 98
[DST-IP] => :1720
[RECORD-ID] => 1124534625-61
[SETUP-TIME] => 18:19:38.000 GMT Sat Aug 20 2005
[CONNECT-TIME] => 18:19:38.000 GMT Sat Aug 20 2005
[DISCONNECT-TIME] => 18:20:20.000 GMT Sat Aug 20 2005
[SRC-BYTES-IN] => 126957
[DST-BYTES-IN] => 18276
[SRC-BYTES-OUT] => 18308
[DST-BYTES-OUT] => 126494
[QOS] => 11
[SRC-CODEC] => g729
[DST-CODEC] => g729
[CALLID] => 083b3cbf10fb11d a8ba0837c360ba9 85
[CONFID] => 083b3cbf10fb11d a8b9e837c360ba9 85


That is, I believe, what you want to achieve.


Aug 29 '05 #4
On Sun, 28 Aug 2005 23:06:58 +0200, Joachim Weiß wrote:
However if you don't want to use php: man awk.

No need for lame tools like awk. PHP can do it perfectly well.


Aug 29 '05 #5
thank you works really well ,, kind regards

Sep 13 '05 #6

many i ask you one more question ,,, $buff = fgets($fh, 4096); what
does 4069 mean ,,
Is it for number of lines to import ,, thanks for your responce

Sep 13 '05 #7
On 2005-09-13, voipcanada <vo********@gma il.com> wrote:

many i ask you one more question ,,, $buff = fgets($fh, 4096); what
does 4069 mean ,,

rtfm http://www.php.net/fgets

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Tim Van Wassenhove <http://timvw.madoka.be >
Sep 13 '05 #8

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