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Header problem

I am using code to validate a user against a database and then if they are
valid, redirecting the page to the working page. I copied the code from
another application I have where it works, but it doesn't work here. What
happens is if the Header is included, a blank page appears with the URL of
the validation page (SQL_User_Valid ate.php). If the Header is commented
out, the form appears and you can enter the data and see the results, but
not with a redirection.

Most likely is I've made an obvious (to everyone else) mistake that you will
see in 20 seconds. And that I have not seen in the past hour of working on
it. Here is the code (to the Header):

include("SQL_A_ Connect.inc");
$name_table = "User";

// error_reporting (E_ALL & ~E_NOTICES);
error_reporting (E_ALL);

// testing *************** **********
$testcode0 = "valid: " . isset($_POST['uservalid']);
$testcode1 = "";
$testcode2 = "";

if ((isset($_POST['uservalid'])) && ($_POST['uservalid'] == "yes"))
$frmID = $_POST["frmID"];
$frmPWD = $_POST["frmPWD"];

$sql_code = "SELECT Password, Level FROM " . $name_table . " ";
$sql_code .= "WHERE UserID = '$frmID'";

// testing only *************** ********
$testcode1 = "query: " . $sql_code;

$sql_result = mysql_query($sq l_code,$name_co nnect) or die(mysql_error ());
$output = mysql_fetch_arr ay($sql_result) ;

$sqlPWD = $output["Password"];
$sqlLVL = $output["Level"];

// testing only *************** ***********
$testcode2 = "sql pwd: '" . $sqlPWD . "'<br>sql lvl: '" . $sqlLVL .
"'<br>rows: '" . mysql_num_rows( $sql_result) . "'<br>post pwd: '" . $frmPWD
.. "'<br>post id: '" . $frmID . "'<br>";

$hold = time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 180;
if ($sqlPWD == $frmPWD)
// validated user - write cookie and continue
setcookie("user ", $frmID, $hold);
setcookie("leve l", $sqlLVL, $hold);
setcookie("auth orized", "yes", $hold);
// header("Locatio n: ../SQL_User.php);
setcookie("user ", "guest", $hold);
setcookie("leve l", "0", $hold);
setcookie("auth orized", "no", $hold);
// header("Locatio n: ../SQL_User_Valida te.php);

Any ideas?
Aug 6 '05 #1
2 1369
On Fri, 05 Aug 2005 23:11:20 -0500, Lee David decided we needed to hear:
if ($sqlPWD == $frmPWD)
// validated user - write cookie and continue setcookie("user ",
$frmID, $hold);
setcookie("leve l", $sqlLVL, $hold);
setcookie("auth orized", "yes", $hold);
// header("Locatio n: ../SQL_User.php);
Double quote missing.
setcookie("user ", "guest", $hold);
setcookie("leve l", "0", $hold);
setcookie("auth orized", "no", $hold);
// header("Locatio n: ../SQL_User_Valida te.php);

Double quote missing.

Dave <da**@REMOVEbun dook.com>
(Remove REMOVE for email address)

Aug 6 '05 #2
Thank you. I was sure it was something stupid I was doing, but I just
couldn't see it. I'll fix that after the morning meeting.

Aug 6 '05 #3

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