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Execute script2 from script1 and transfer two arguments to script2

Hello everybody

need help:
How do i execute script2 from script1 and transfer two things
$first and $second from script1 to script2
Need to do it in unix enviroment and windows also(cmd).

There is a command :system()
i used it as follows:
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  1. #script1;
  2. system ("/just/an/example/script2 $first  $second  ");
Did not see any response to this command,
Please help
Thanks a lot
Nov 4 '08 #1
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Try them:

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  1.  open(PIPE,"|perl -w script2.pl"); 
  2.  print PIPE "$omething";
  3.  close(PIPE);
if so in script2 must wait for data <>;

when use pipeing from shell, the output of script1 is the input of script2.

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  1. perl script1.pl | perl script2.pl 
Nov 4 '08 #2
Hello again

The problem with what you suggested is that script1
does a lot of things and among those things it is printing out
some results.So how exectly can i extract that certain data that is needed for script2 from script1.
furthermore i need to transfer two arguments.
Isn't <> waits for one variable?

Thanks again
Nov 6 '08 #3
Expert 256MB
If I understood your requirement correctly, all you want to do is to execute script2 from script1 and pass arguments to script2 from script1.
If that is so, you have to handle these arguments(@ARGV) properly in script2. For example,
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  1. #script1
  2. $first = "Hi";
  3. $second= "Hello";
  4. system ("D:\\script2.pl $first $second "); 
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  1. #script2
  2. my ($one,$two) = @ARGV; 
  3. print "first: $one\n";
  4. print "second: $two\n";
would print:
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  1. first: Hi
  2. second: Hello
Nov 6 '08 #4
Thanks for the reply.

At the begining it did not worked becuase i forgot somthing:
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  1. (system ("perl /path/sc2.pl $first $second ")== 0) or die "myprogram failed ($?): $!";
I forgot the "perl" at the command, that why it could not execute the second script.
Stupid, isn't it

Thanks a lot
Nov 6 '08 #5

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