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Appending the required string between the variable(concatenation) ?

Hi Everyone,

i need to add a string in between the filename.so that new file will have the
required filename.

what am doing is reading the files from the directory & extract only the filename and then pass this failename to create new file.

now what i need is instead of just passing filename, i need to add some string to this filename & then pass the filename to create a new file.

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  1. sub loadavg_file(){
  2. my $dir = 'C:\Performance_svap\INPUT_FILES\*.xls'; 
  3. my @file=glob("$dir"); 
  4. my @output;
  5. my $loadavg;
  6. my $str;
  7. my $str1;
  8. my @data;
  9. my $date;
  10. foreach my $f (@file){
  11.  $str = substr($f,32,39);
  12.  $str1 = substr($str,0,9);
  13.  $loadavg ="c:\\Performance_svap\\OUTPUT_FILES\\$str";
  15. blaah blaah...
  16. ....
  17. ....
  18. }
  19. open(EX,">$loadavg") or die "Can't open open $loadavg:$!";
  20. print EX "$output[0]\t$output[1]\t$output[2]\t$output[3]\t$output[4]\n"; 
  21. close EX;
  22. }
so, in the above script, $str variable holds the filename. now to this variable i need to append the required string in between ie,
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  1. $str will have = prstat-Ls-20080118-1800.xls value.
now i need to append the string to this variable & it should look like
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  1. $str = prstat-Ls-LAVG-20080118-1800.xls
i tried changing with first instance ie,
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  1. $str = substr($f,32,39);
  2. $str1 = substr($str,0,9);
  3. $str = "LAVG".$str;
  4. $loadavg ="c:\\Performance_svap\\OUTPUT_FILES\\$str";
am not getting how append the string in between the file name.

any help or suggestions will great full for me.

Oct 24 '08 #1
6 4428
You can use the period operator like this:

$str = $str1 . "LAVG" . $str;
Oct 24 '08 #2
hey thanks for reply !!! i try it right away !!!

but what i feel is what you have suggested will give this i guess :
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  1. $str1 = substr($str,0,9); # holds the value =prstat-Ls
so i guess i will get this ouput from your logic
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  1. $str=prstat-Ls-LAVG-prstat-Ls-20080118-1800.xls
anyway i will cm back !!!

Oct 24 '08 #3
hi scruff6119,

my guess was right... am getting output like this
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  1. prstat-Ls-LAVG-prstat-Ls-20080118-1800.xls
i instead want the file name to look like this:
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  1. prstat-Ls-LAVG-20080118-1800.xls
thanks for your reply

any help or idea ???

Oct 24 '08 #4
hi there,

i got it...it was simply..
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  1. foreach my $f (@file){
  2. $str = substr($f,32,39);
  3. $str1 = substr($str,0,9);
  4. $str2 = substr($str,10,27);
  5. $str = $str1 . "-LAVG-" . $str2;
  6. $loadavg ="c:\\Performance_svap\\OUTPUT_FILES\\$str";
  7. }
Thanks you...

Oct 24 '08 #5
Could do it by regex too:

$str =~ s/(.*?Ls-)(\d{8}.*?\.xls)/$1LANG-$2/
Oct 24 '08 #6
hey thanks scruff6119 !!!!

Even this worked...As am not so good at regex.. i didn't thought of this idea..

anyway's thanks for you help :-)

Oct 24 '08 #7

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