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palindrome program

24 New Member
hi,iam learning perl for the past two weeks and i was told to do a palindrome program.can any one help me with the code please.
Aug 28 '07 #1
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4,059 Recognized Expert Specialist
Help? Yes. Do it for you? No. Post the code you have written so far.
Aug 28 '07 #2
24 New Member
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  1. do {
  2.     print "Type a word or phrase: ";
  3.     $line = <>;
  4.     @letters = split //, $line;
  5.     $reverse = join "", reverse @letters;
  7.     if (@letters == 1) {
  8.         print "One letter palindrome, trivial!\n";
  9.     }
  10.     elsif ($reverse eq $line) {
  11.         print "This is a palindrome.\n";
  12.     }
  13.     else {
  14.         print "Not a palindrome.\n";
  15.     }
  16. } while ($line);
this is the code i have done so far.the problem is every word i type,it shows it is palindrome.
Aug 30 '07 #3
1,089 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Don't forget to chomp the $line variable to remove the return character.

Also, reverse on a scalar does a string reversal. So the split and join operation is extra work.

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  1. chomp($line);
- Miller
Aug 30 '07 #4
4,059 Recognized Expert Specialist
Also, reverse on a scalar does a string reversal. So the split and join operation is extra work.
using split and join might be a requirement for the assignment. Someone posted the exact same assignment on another forum a couple of days ago. But the code on the other forum wasn't even close to getting it right.
Aug 30 '07 #5
3,509 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
here is the program .see whether it works out

While I know you think you are being helpful, simply providing the full script to the user, you are actually hindering their learning process. It is the policy of thescripts.com forum NOT to provide the answers to people's school work. Instead, we request that they post the code they are working on and help them to get it correct for what they are trying to do.

In the future, please work with the users code and refrain from the urge to just post the code they need.


Aug 30 '07 #6
24 New Member
tank you for the code,but the problem is, in the o/p after enetring the string nothing shows.that is the result is not known whether the enetred string is palindrome or not.
Aug 30 '07 #7
24 New Member
thank you guys for the support,ive solved the problem.here is the code for palindorme.

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  1. #!/user/bin/perl
  2. $a=<STDIN>;
  3. chomp($a);
  5. @aa=split("",$a);
  6. print "@aa\n";
  8. @b=reverse (@aa);
  9. print "@b\n";
  11. $c=join("",@aa);
  12. $d=join("",@b);
  14. if ($c eq $d) {
  15.     print "the given string is palindrome\n";
  16. } else {
  17.     print "not a palindrome\n";
  18. }
Aug 30 '07 #8
3,509 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
thank you guys for the support,ive solved the problem.here is the code for palindorme.
Good job! Thank you for posting your working solution and letting us know you solved your issue!


Aug 30 '07 #9
4,059 Recognized Expert Specialist
here is the program .see whether it works out

All that for a simple palindrome script? Well, it does adhere to the TIMTOWTDI philosophy of perl coding.
Aug 30 '07 #10

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