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Languid - Language Guesser

2 New Member
I am trying to run Languid language guesser - see http://languid.cantbedone.org/

I am not a perl programmer, and I have no idea how to get this script running. I am running perl scripts on my computer but Im not sure how to run this one. Part of the main script is called Guess.pm and its code is shown below -

Can someone please explain how I run this script.
Thanks, Bob

package Language::Guess ;

use strict;
use warnings;
require 5.008;
use Data::Dumper qw/Dumper/;
use Unicode::UCD 'charinfo';
use utf8;
use Encode qw/is_utf8 _utf8_on/;
use Unicode::Normal ize; # don’t trust your input!
use File::Spec::Fun ctions;
use Carp;

our $VERSION = '0.03';
our $MIN_LENGTH = 20;

=head1 NAME



A statistical language guesser


use Language::Guess ;

my $guesser = Language::Guess->new( modeldir => '~/train' );

while (my $line = <> ) {
my $lang = $guesser->simple_guess($ line);
print "Language was $lang\n\n";


#sub init {

our $MAX = 300;

our @BASIC_LATIN = qw/English cebuano hausa somali pig_latin klingon indonesian
hawaiian welsh latin swahili basque/;
our @EXOTIC_LATIN = qw/Czech Polish Croatian Romanian Slovak Slovene Turkish Hungarian
Azeri Lithuanian Estonian/;
our @ACCENTED_LATIN = (qw/Albanian catalan Spanish French German Dutch Italian Danish
Icelandic Norwegian Swedish Finnish Latvian Portuguese


our @CYRILLIC = qw/Russian Ukrainian Belarussian Kazakh Uzbek Mongolian
Serbian Macedonian Bulgarian Kyrgyz/;
our @ARABIC = qw/Arabic Farsi Jawi Kurdish Pashto Sindhi Urdu/;
our @DEVANAGARI = qw/Bhojpuri Bihari Hindi Kashmiri Konkani Marathi Nepali

our @SINGLETONS = qw/Armenian Hebrew Bengali Gurumkhi Greek Gujarati Oriya
Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam Sinhala Thai Lao Tibetan
Burmese Georgian Mongolian/;


binmode STDOUT, 'utf8';
binmode STDERR, 'utf8';

sub new {
my ( $class, %params ) = @_;
croak "Must provide a model directory" unless exists $params{modeldi r};
croak "Model directory does not exist" unless -d $params{modeldi r};

my $self = bless { %params }, $class;
return $self;

sub guess {
my ( $self,$string ) = @_;
#warn $string;
_utf8_on($strin g);
$self->load_models( ) unless defined $self->{models};
my @runs = find_runs( $string );
#warn "Found ", scalar @runs, " runs\n";
#warn $runs[0][1];
my @langs;
my %scripts;
foreach my $run ( @runs ) {

# returns arrayref of hashes in the form
# [ { name => NAME, score => SCORE }]

return $self->identify( $string, %scripts );


sub simple_guess {
my ( $self, $string ) = @_;
my $got = $self->guess($string) ;
#warn Dumper($got);
return $got->[0]{name};

sub load_models {
my ( $self ) = @_;

opendir my $dh, $self->{modeldir} or die "Unable to open dir:$!";
my %models;
while ( my $f = readdir $dh ) {
next unless $f =~ /\.train$/;
my ( $name ) = $f =~ m|(.*)\.|;
my $path = catfile( $self->{modeldir}, $f );
open my $fh, "<:utf8", $path or die "Failed to open file: $!";
my %model;
while ( my $line = <$fh> ) {
chomp $line;
my ( $k, $v) = $line =~ m|(.{3})\s+(.*) |;
next unless defined $k;
#warn "'$k' $v\n";
$model{$k} = $v;
$models{$name} = \%model;
$self->{models} = \%models;

=item find_runs STRING

This is unused for the moment; the subroutine finds runs of scripts in a string
and returns an array of them. Upgrades basic latin pieces to accented and
exotic latin if characters from those script blocks are found. This avoids
languages like Polish from being split into a thousand runs of two and three
basic latin characters, interspersed with accented.


sub find_runs {
my ( $raw ) = @_;

my @chars = split m//, $raw;

my $prev = '';
my @c;
my @runs;
my @run_types;
my $current_run = -1;

foreach my $c ( @chars ) {
my $is_alph = $c =~ /[[:alpha:]]/o;
my $inf = get_charinfo( $c );
if ( $is_alph and !( $inf->{block} eq $prev) ) {
$prev = $inf->{block};
@c = ();
$run_types[$current_run] = $prev;
push @c, $c;
push @{ $runs[$current_run] }, $c if $current_run > -1;

my ( $newruns, $newtypes ) = reconcile_latin ( \@runs, \@run_types );

my $counter =0;
my @result;
foreach my $r ( @$newruns ) {
push @result, [ $r, $newtypes->[$counter]];
return @result;

{ my %cache;
sub get_charinfo {
my ( $char ) = @_;
return $cache{$char} if exists $cache{$char};
my $inf = charinfo( ord( $char ));
$cache{$char} = $inf;

=item reconcile_latin STRING, ARREF

internal method, attempts to pick which level of weird diacriticalness
a latin string has. Consolidates runs into one string.


sub reconcile_latin {
my ( $runs, $types ) = @_;
my @types = @$types;
my (@new_runs, @new_types);
my $last_type = '';

my $upgrade;
$upgrade = 'Accented Latin' if has_supplementa l_latin( @$types );
$upgrade = 'Exotic Latin' if has_extended_la tin( @$types );
$upgrade = 'Superfreak Latin' if has_latin_exten ded_additional( @$types );

return ( $runs, $types ) unless $upgrade;
my $run_count = -1;
foreach my $r ( @$runs ) {
my $type = shift @types;
$type = $upgrade if $type =~ /Latin/;
$run_count++ unless $type eq $last_type;

push @{$new_runs[$run_count]}, @$r;
$new_types[$run_count] = $type;
$last_type = $type;
return ( \@new_runs, \@new_types );

sub has_extended_la tin {
my ( @types ) = @_;
return scalar grep { /Latin Extended-A/ } @types;

sub has_supplementa l_latin {
my ( @types ) = @_;
return scalar grep { /Latin-1 Supplement/ } @types;

sub has_latin_exten ded_additional {
my ( @types ) = @_;
return scalar grep { /Latin Extended Additional/ } @types;

sub identify {
my ( $self, $sample, %scripts ) = @_;
#warn "Incoming scripts are ", join ", ", keys %scripts;

return [{ name => 'too short', score => 1 }] if length($sample) < 3;
return [{ name => "Swedish Chef", score => 1}] if $sample =~ /bork bork bork/i;
return [{ name => "Pacman", score => 1}] if $sample =~ /waka waka waka/i;

# Check for Korean
if ( exists $scripts{'Hangu l Syllables'} or
exists $scripts{'Hangu l Jamo'} or
exists $scripts{'Hangu l Compatibility Jamo'} or
exists $scripts{'Hangu l'}) {
return [{ name =>'korean', score => 1 }];
if ( exists $scripts{'Greek and Coptic'} ){

return [{ name =>'greek', score => 1 }];

if ( exists $scripts{'Katak ana'} or
exists $scripts{'Hirag ana'} or
exists $scripts{'Katak ana Phonetic Extensions'}) {
return [{ name =>'japanese', score => 1 }];

if ( exists $scripts{'CJK Unified Ideographs'} or
exists $scripts{'Bopom ofo'} or
exists $scripts{'Bopom ofo Extended'} or
exists $scripts{'KangX i Radicals'} or
exists $scripts{'Arabi c Presentation Forms-A'} ) {
return [{ name => 'chinese', score => 1 }];

if ( exists $scripts{'Cyril lic'} ) {
return $self->check( $sample, @CYRILLIC );

if ( exists $scripts{'Arabi c'} or
exists $scripts{'Arabi c Presentation Forms-A'} or
exists $scripts{'Arabi c Presentation Forms-B'}
return $self->check( $sample, @ARABIC );

if ( exists $scripts{'Devan agari'} ) {
return $self->check( $sample, @DEVANAGARI );

# Try languages with unique scripts
foreach my $s ( @SINGLETONS ) {
return [{ name => lc($s), score => 1 }] if exists $scripts{$s};

if ( exists $scripts{'Super freak Latin'} ) {
return [{ name => 'vietnamese', score => 1 }];

if ( exists $scripts{'Exoti c Latin'} ) {
return $self->check( $sample, @EXOTIC_LATIN );

if ( exists $scripts{'Accen ted Latin'} ) {
return $self->check( $sample, @ACCENTED_LATIN );

if ( exists $scripts{'Basic Latin'} ) {
return $self->check( $sample, @ALL_LATIN );

return [{ name => "unknown script: '".(join ", ", keys %scripts)."'", score => 1}];


sub check {
my ( $self, $raw, @langs ) = @_;
#return join ' ', @langs
#warn "Checking sample $sample", "\n";
#my $num_tri = length( $sample ) / 3;

my $sample = __normalize($ra w);
return { name => 'too short', score => 1 } if length($sample) < $MIN_LENGTH;
my $mod = __make_model( $sample );
my $num_tri = scalar keys %{$mod};
my %scores;
foreach my $key ( @langs ) {
my $l = lc( $key );
#warn "Checking $l\n";
next unless exists $self->{models}{$l} ;
my $score = __distance( $mod, $self->{models}{$l} );
$scores{$l} = $score;
my @sorted = sort { $scores{$a} <=> $scores{$b} } keys %scores;
my @out;
$num_tri ||=1;
foreach my $s ( @sorted ) {
my $norm = $scores{$s}/$num_tri;
push @out, { name => $s , score => int($norm) };
return [splice ( @out, 0, 4 )];

if ( @sorted ) {
return splice ( @sorted, 0, 4 );
my @all;
my $firstscore = $scores{$sorted[0]};
while ( my $next = shift @sorted ) {
last unless $scores{$next} == $firstscore;
push @all, $next;
return join ',', @all;
return { name => 'unknown'. ( join ' ', @langs), score =>1 };

sub __distance {
my ( $m1, $m2 ) = @_;
my $dist =0;
foreach my $k ( keys %{$m1} ) {
$dist +=
( exists $m2->{$k} ?
abs( $m2->{$k} - $m1->{$k} ) :
return $dist;
Sep 13 '06 #1
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