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Hmmm... problems with CPAN (MakeMaker?) on Win32+MSYS or Win32+UnixUtils and others

I've been using ActiveState's PPM3 to install most of my modules, but I've
found it doesn't have many very useful modules. This was mostly forced,
since I could never get the CPAN module to actually build the modules. This
morning, I finally had enough, and decided to try and figure out exactly
what was wrong, and try to fix it.

Nomatter what I do, when running just a plain "make" after it runs
"MakeFile.P L," it gives me something like the following error, for any
module, any distribution:

Writing Makefile for [InsertModuleNam eHere]
Makefile:[SomeLine]: *** missing separator. Stop.
[APathToMake]/make.exe -- NOT OK

I've tried using Cygwin, MSYS, UnixUtils, and MSVC++7's make.exe utilities.
With CygWin and MSYS, I tried both thier own shells, and the base windows
command line. The only one that does anything different is MSVC++7's, which
fails much earlier than the others, for reasons I'm not really sure of --
I'll assume because Microsoft wrote it. All the others give the same line
number and reason for the fail.

I'm not really sure if it's the CPAN module's fault or MakeMaker's, since
I've never really used either seperate from the other before.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or have any clues to what's wrong?


=cut JAPH

$_="aa4e0a827b1 4150960910ca030 5691";$_=
unpack("b*",pac k("H*",$_));s/([01]{5})/
pack("b*",$1)/gex;$_=join('', map{chr(
ord($_)+96)}spl it'');s/`/ /gx;print;

=head1 AUTHOR

Alex Lyman ("Silicon") is the Lead Programmer,
among other things, for LAO Gaming.

Alex also is a Web Designer/Programmer in his
spare time. If you need a website designed,
or just need programming done for one, contact
him at Al*******@Earth link.net

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
Version: 6.0.594 / Virus Database: 377 - Release Date: 2/24/2004
Jul 19 '05 #1
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