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trigger sample example #5

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  1. create or replace trigger mytrig
  2. before UPDATE OF SAL on emp for each row
  3. when(new.deptno=30)
  4. begin
  5. if :new.sal<:OLD.SAL then
  6. raise_application_error(-20003,'Sal should be > THE OLDER SAL');
  7. end if;
  8. end;
trigger sample example #6
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  1. create or replace trigger mytrig
  2. before insert on emp
  3. for each row
  4. begin
  5. select myseq.nextval | max(empno)+1 into :new.empno from emp;
  6. end;
trigger sapmle example #7
The table responsible for backup:
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  1. create table back 
  2. (
  3. empno number(4),
  4. ename varchar2(10), 
  5. sal number(7,2), 
  6. deptno number(2),
  7. uname varchar2(10), 
  8. cdate date,
  9. operation varchar2(15)
  10. );
trigger code
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  1. create or replace trigger mytrig
  2. before insert or update or delete on emp 
  3. for each row
  4. begin
  5. if inserting then
  6. insert into back values(:new.empno,:new.ename,:new.sal,:new.deptno,user,sysdate,'INSERTION');
  7. elsif updating then
  8. insert into back values(:old.empno,:old.ename,:old.sal,:old.deptno,user,sysdate,'UPDATION');
  9. else
  10. insert into back values(:old.empno,:old.ename,:old.sal,:old.deptno,user,sysdate,'DELETION');
  11. end if;
  12. end;
Note:--Monitoring the user transactions on the table in another table with out the knowledge of the user.

trigger sample code #8
Write this trigger in system/sys user.
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  1. create or replace trigger mytrig1
  2. after logon on scott.schema
  3. declare
  4. a char(3);
  5. begin
  6. select to_char(sysdate,'dy') into a from dual;
  7. if a in('sun','sat') then
  8. Raise_application_error(-20004,'Cannot do LOGIN today');
  9. end if;
  10. end;
Note :--This schema level trigger restricts the user(in this example--SCOTT) from logging in into the database on weekend.

trigger sample ex #9
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  3. BEGIN
  6. END IF;
  7. END;
Note :--the trigger restricts droping of any object whose owner is DEBASIS
Since triggers can't validate themselves.
The above trigger can't restrict droping of itself.

Also check TRIGGERS - 3
Jun 13 '07 #1
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