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Having problem with PRO* compiler

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Dear expert,
Kindly help me on the pro* c compiler .

I'm new to pro* compiler.I have written the code in pro*c and name it as .pc file. When i compile it to make .c file in pro c compiler in oracle,i'm getting some error message ..The error as below :
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  1. ++: Release - Production on Tue Mar 1 17:20:48 2011
  3. Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
  5. System default option values taken from: C:\oracle\ora92\precomp\admin\pcscfg.cfg
  7. Semantic error at line 567, column 21, file C:\oracle\ora92\precomp\WaferSleuthV2\ExtractHDBDataForWaferSleuth.pc:
  8.   EXEC SQL CONNECT :userName; 
  9. ....................1
  10. PCC-S-02322, found undefined identifier
  11. Semantic error at line 693, column 41, file C:\oracle\ora92\precomp\WaferSleuthV2\ExtractHDBDataForWaferSleuth.pc:
  12.                    WHERE trackouttime BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate
  13. ........................................1
  14. PCC-S-02322, found undefined identifier
  15. Semantic error at line 693, column 56, file C:\oracle\ora92\precomp\WaferSleuthV2\ExtractHDBDataForWaferSleuth.pc:
  16.                    WHERE trackouttime BETWEEN :startDate AND :endDate
  17. .......................................................1
  18. PCC-S-02322, found undefined identifier
  19. Semantic error at line 723, column 35, file C:\oracle\ora92\precomp\WaferSleuthV2\ExtractHDBDataForWaferSleuth.pc:
  20.                 EXEC SQL FETCH wsToCursor INTO :wipStep_SK, :toTime;
  21. ..................................1
  22. PCC-S-02322, found undefined identifier
Kindly help me out how i can avoid this error.
Mar 1 '11 #1
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undefined identifier in error message suggests you have mis-spelled any of the objects in oracle. (table or column name)
Mar 3 '11 #2
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I already declare and having the same issue.I have concern here .Compiling the file in UNIX and window environment will be different?Whenever i compile it it putty application ,there is no error and able build the file..When i execute the command to extract data,there is no result?How to put error tracing message in pro*c so that we can able to find where the error is occuring ? or put the printf statemant to see the result one by one.Kindly help?
Mar 4 '11 #3
158 100+

I'm able to compile the file but now there is 1 error still remaining.The error as below.

PCC-F-02081, CMD-LINE: Unterminated option value list or value list was truncated.

I have some question here on how the code is work.

We write the code in pro*c language.

Compile the .pc file in pro*c compiler and we will get .c file.

Run the .exe file in unix environment to get the result

My problem is i would like to debug the code and insert some error trapping message.The code was develop by previous developer.How i can debug the .pc file so that i can see what is happening in behind?should i create log file and etc.

Kindly advice
Mar 7 '11 #4
Sys_include is one of the options of the proc so the length of this must be small. Therefore, we must put just the necessary elements for example:
sys_include=($ORACLE_HOME/sdk/include,/usr/include,/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.4.3/include) in the file /usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client/precomp/admin/pcscfg.cfg
Jul 12 '12 #5

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