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reading text using client_text_io utility

We are using client_text_io utility (webutil.pll) to read a text file and insert specific fields into table in the database
Problem: firstly the read and insert performance is too fast, when the number of records increase the performance become slowly, finally the application hang.
When we are using another utility (UTL_FILE) in a stored procedure on the database directly, the operation works probably.
But we must use (webutil.pll)

We are using Oracle Application Server to deploy our application which
Contains forms and reports.
Where we use Oracle9i Enterprise Edition release under HP UX,
Application Server release under RH Linux, reports and Forms
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Please reply to me as soon as possible
Oct 5 '08 #1
7 22660
8,127 Expert 4TB
try to disable any index on the tabl;e during data loading process and enable the same alter on during data fetch process.
Oct 5 '08 #2
Thanks for your reply
we are using this method and do not work probably
I think problem raised from application not from sql insert into statement
Can you tell me how can I trace the application and find where it hang.
Oct 6 '08 #3
8,127 Expert 4TB
how i will know what are you doing in your application ?
Oct 7 '08 #4
the application trying to read a text file (line by line) located on PC and insert the records into a table in the database
the application use client_text_io utility (WEBUTIL) to read the file
Oct 7 '08 #5
if you ask about the code
we are using the following code:
DELETE FROM tableName;
in_file := client_text_io.fopen(:file_path,'r');
when no_data_found then
MESSAGE('empty file');
V_var1 := nvl(substr(linebuf,1 ,10 ),0);
V_var2 := nvl(substr(linebuf,12 ,2 ),0);
V_var3 := substr(linebuf,15 ,10 );
V_var3 :=trim(V_var3);
IF V_var3 = '' THEN
V_var4 :='';
V_var4 := TO_NUMBER(V_var3) ;
end if;
V_var5 := substr(linebuf,26 ,70 );

INSERT INTO tableName VALUES (V_var1,V_var2,V_var4,V_var5);

end loop;
Oct 7 '08 #6
thanks for your replying
finally we find a solution and it is so simple
set a parameter in java initiator on the client
go to the java initiator in control panel and fill the following
-mx256m -Dcache.size=20000000
in the java runtime parameter field
thats mean the JVM on the client can use 256 mega from the PC RAM
Oct 14 '08 #7
Use webutil_file_transfer.client_to_as to copy your file to app. server
and after that use text_io instead of client_text_io.
Dec 9 '08 #8

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