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How to market on social media without making it too spammy?

How do I use social media for marketing without it turning into just a load of spam?
Oct 23 '10 #1
13 38101
You need to set up your own page on the site and then post content that attracts followers.
Oct 23 '10 #2
Hi there,

The best thing to do is create accounts with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Once you have done this then start craeting posts etc at the same time start connecting with the businesses that you are looking to work with.

This is very basic advise but a good starting position.
Mar 9 '11 #3
Just post two- three times ina day and don't make it bothering posts. You should always look at your insights try to keep diagram in standard form.
Jan 14 '13 #4
regardless the above mentioned, you can hire a trustful e-marketing company and profesiinally promote your business without spamming.
Jan 19 '13 #5
19 16bit
To avoid spamming on the social media channels, just create your own social pages and post your website information on it. You can also promote your content in social media groups related to your niche.
Sep 12 '20 #6
220 128KB
You asked: "How do I use social media for marketing without it turning into just a load of spam?"

Tell the truth.

Nothing like, "[someone's] SEO advice will always make you money."

Nothing like, "Our bananas are the best in the world."

Do not lie.

Do not even partially suggest anything that might not be the truth.

Just tell the truth.

To keep from spamming: do not spam.
Sep 24 '20 #7
62 32bit
Social media is nowadays widely used for marketing. First, you will need to create accounts on all social media sites. Now you should develop your accounts and then starting to advertise to have a maximum conversion. Post updated content on the social media sites inorder to have maximum followers
Nov 21 '20 #8
220 128KB
"Social media is nowadays widely used for marketing."
That statement
is a lie.
is spam.
Social media is not usually used so much for marketing.
Social media is usually used for self-aggrandizement.
That is not the same as "marketing."

You asked: "How do I use social media for marketing without it turning into just a load of spam?"

I disagree with a need to have maximum or even a lot of followers.
  • Followers do not Boolean equate to sales.
  • Sales do not Boolean equate to realized profits.
If you are in business then you should know that by now.

I disagree with a need to create accounts on any social media sites at all.
  • If you stand on a busy New York city street corner and while there if you say "hello" to everyone which is passing by within 50 feet of you up to 100,000 people, that does not mean that you will in any way obtain financial profit from that from any of those people, except maybe the ones that feel sorry for your stupid dumb a** and give to you out of pity.
  • If you send out 100,000 letters to random people saying, "hello" that does not mean that your will make any more money that way either.
  • But, if you use someone else's established network to advertise a specific product or a specific service to those same 100,000 people then you might cover your cost of goods sold and have some realized profits left over.

Don't "re-invent the wheel" by trying to build your own social network for "marketing". Use someone else's wheels to advertise and sell your own product or service.

Study and find the best social networking person which has followers that you think that you can probably sell to and pay that person to advertise on their success.
Example: If you are trying to sell flat glass plates of the type used by optometrists for grinding into shape for reading glasses, then find someone that has a lot of optometrist followers on their site. Pay that person to be able to place advertising on their site, or to be able to occasionally have articles about your product (with sales contacts) on their site. Or something similar.
You should have already known this.

If you did not know this, and if at this point you do not understand this, then you might currently be part of the 85% of the businesses that the U.S. Small Business Administration reports as expected to fail within 2 years [due to being lead by a someone that does not understand "cost of goods sold", or "profit", or "loss", or even the basic defined concept of the often miss-used term "marketing"]. US-SBA. They should know.
Nov 22 '20 #9
The main essence of promotion in social networks is to declare yourself as a professional who you can turn to. The very first mistake is turning your accounts into a company store.

If you want to get great coverage, then post your personal photos and write personal posts, make a separate page to promote any products. The more useful information you post, the better. Unfortunately, a single strategy doesn't work here.
Different social media platforms are different and require different approaches to building a marketing strategy. For a relaxed, friendly Facebook environment, an active marketing strategy is suitable. Start by creating your company page. Pay close attention to the structure of the page, as visual is important to users.

Facebook is a platform for people to chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, so you should stick to a light, casual tone when communicating with your audience. Instagram is a very favorable medium for promotion: more than 50% of users follow at least one brand.

With an emphasis on visual content, Instagram is ideal for companies that sell products and provide some services that can be shown in photographs (such as hotels).
How do you make Instagram users remember you? The answer is simple: you need to regularly publish high-quality, visually catchy content and correctly place hashtags.
Nov 24 '20 #10
12 Byte
If we are talking about Facebook, then one or two posts a day are enough.
Mar 15 '22 #11
14 Byte
I am interested in the experience of promotion in Reddit - there are very strictly blocked for any spam. Maybe someone has a positive case of promoting a company on Reddit?
May 20 '22 #12
2 2Bits
It's crucial to focus on building genuine relationships with your audience. Instead of bombarding them with constant sales pitches, try engaging with them through meaningful conversations.
May 30 '23 #13
2 2Bits
Another tip is to provide value in your content. Share useful tips, interesting insights, or entertaining stuff that your peeps will actually find interesting. Now, if you're looking for some handy tools to find Email Account for Sale. They got some cool features and options to help you streamline your social media game, like email accounts and more. Lastly, stay consistent, but not annoyingly so. Find a posting schedule that works for you, but don't go crazy with the frequency. Quality over quantity, my friend!
May 31 '23 #14

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