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How to access Trendnet IP camera from the internet without having a static IP

2 New Member
I want to be able to access my trendnet ip camera from the internet without having a static IP assigned from my ISP Provider.

I have a DSL Connection at home, connected to a router (trendnet) and a wirless trend net camera is connected to the router.

The router ip is, the camera IP is

A) on the camera web access app i configured on the camera that the gateway is, moreover i configured the DDNS to be:
domain name: ngkn.dyndns.org
user: XX
password: YY
is that right? any missing config?

B) on the router web app i configure a virtual server:
1. I enabled Virtual server
2. Name: i choose from a drop down list HTTP
3. IP Address: */here is my probelm*/
What IP should i Enter?
* or shall i enter the IP Automaticaly Assigned to the router from the DSL Modem on the WAN port
* or shoud i enter the IP that i use to access the router

4. Protocol: both
5. Private port: 80
6. Public Port: 80

is that right? any missing config?

C) The last step is that i went to the website DynDNS.org, and i registed an account for free. i could enter a host service:

i entered the followig info:
1. Hostname: ngkn.dyndns.org
2. Wildcard Status: Disabled
3. Service Type: Host with IP address
4. IP Address: ALso here i would like to know which IP Shall i enter
* shall i use the WAN ip Assigned automaticaly to my router
* i dont if it the same ip i got when i enter to the website "what is my IP"

5. What do you want to use this host for?
Select services and devices you would like to use with this hostname.
i selected DVR, Webcam, and CCTV

so this is my all config.
what should i configure to make it work.
the most important issue is that i don't have a static ip assigned to me from the ISP provider.
and most of all once everything configured through which IP shall i access the ip camera?
Is it throught the ISP public IP Address? if so, what will differentiate between hundred of people having the same setup connecting through the same ISP provider? they will all use then the same group of public ISP IP's, they will use port 80, hwta will ban the conflit of config setup between my IP Camera and another user IP Camera while both connected to the internet through the same ISP?
May 22 '10 #1
4 14727
4,677 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
From this page, it sounds like on the Trendnet router the IP should be set to the camera -

For the DNS, I would think it's your router's IP, but I am not sure - that sounds like something their customer support should be able to answer easily.
May 24 '10 #2
2 New Member
i think but also not sure that if i puted for the DNS the router IP, then what will be the relation between the DNS and the ISP Provider IP Address!

i wishyou can help in all the details mentioned above
May 26 '10 #3
4,677 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
Did you try it? You're allowed to update the configurations if it doesn't work, so I'd say start plugging in values, and escalating to the DynDNS customer service.

DynDNS should keep track of your IP and route everything there, but I'm surprised there's no agent or anything that you need to install on your end.
May 27 '10 #4
15 New Member
Don't over-complicate this.
DDNS will point to your computer at home. Setup that software and get that working first, forget about the camera for the moment. Once you have that resolved, set the port on your router at home for the application and point that to your camera. From what you said above it looks like (80), so its a web app. Then from your software just point to the DyDNS domain you registered and you are done.

All traffic from the outside will be directed to your camera from the router. (virtual server)
DyDNS is pushed up from your PC to DyDNS and requires nothing else.

Good luck, and let us know.
May 27 '10 #5

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