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Turn off/modify NAT on belkin router.

83 New Member
Hi, I have a wireless router, which I want to turn the NAT off
But the problem is, the router doesnt show the NAT settings under the system tab. The javascript code for it is commented out, but I dont know exactly why?
Is there any other ways at all to turn it off?
Sep 1 '08 #1
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3,112 Recognized Expert Specialist
Hi, I have a wireless router, which I want to turn the NAT off
But the problem is, the router doesnt show the NAT settings under the system tab. The javascript code for it is commented out, but I dont know exactly why?
Is there any other ways at all to turn it off?
Hi Adam!

Now, as a full member you should know, that we need more information that that.

First of all, which belkin wireless router is it? Give us a product number or something like that.

Then where is the javascript code commented out (I'm guessing there's some kind of web interface - please describe, where you go in there)? And what exactly should that code do?

Also, do you have a user manual and if so, have you checked that? If not, have you tried finding one online?

Sep 2 '08 #2
83 New Member
Sorry, the details...
Its a belkin N wireless modem router.
Firmware Version: 1.00.01 (Aug 2 2007 )
Boot Version: V0.05
Hardware: F5D8633-4 v1 (01)

The javascript is in the system settings:
this comes under the Init_Value() function:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. //    var nat_enabled = f.nat_enabled.value;
Then theres this:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. //     if( nat_enabled == '1') 
  2. //        f.Nat_enable[0].checked=true;
  3. //    else
  4. //        f.Nat_enable[1].checked=true; 
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. //    if (f.Nat_enable[1].checked==true)
  2. //        cur_ipaddr = '';
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. //    if (f.Nat_enable[0].checked==true) 
  2. //        f.nat_enabled.value = '1';
  3. //     else 
  4. //        f.nat_enabled.value = '0';     
And this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. <!--NAT-->                  
  2. <script>
  3. /*
  4.                 <TR> 
  5.                   <TD colSpan=2> <HR color=#666666 noShade SIZE=1> </TD>
  6.                 </TR>
  7.                 <TR> 
  8.                   <TD class="body"><B> 
  9.                     NAT Enabling:
  10.                     </B></TD>
  11.                   <TD width=360>&nbsp;</TD>
  12.                 </TR>
  13.                 <TR> 
  14.                   <TD colSpan=2 height=26 class="body"><B> 
  15.                     ADVANCED FEATURE! 
  16.                     </B> Allows you to turn the Network Address Translation feature off. In almost every case you would NOT want to turn this feature off. <A href="javascript:void(0);" onclick=moreinfowin("glossary.stm#nat");> 
  17.                     <B><FONT color=#0066FF> 
  18.                     More Info
  19.                     </FONT></B></A></TD>
  20.                 </TR>
  21.                 <TR> 
  22.                   <TD width=240 class="body">- <B><SPAN> 
  23.                     NAT Enable / Disable
  24.                     &gt;</SPAN></B></TD>
  25.                   <TD class=body width=360> <INPUT type="radio" name="Nat_enable"> 
  26.                     Enable <INPUT type="radio" name="Nat_enable"> 
  27.                     Disable </TD>
  28.                 </TR>
  29. */                    
  30. </SCRIPT>
  31.                 <SCRIPT>
  32. /*                
  33.                          var enablevaluenat = 1 - 1;
  34.                                     document.tF.Nat_enable[enablevaluenat].defaultChecked = true;
  35.                                     document.tF.Nat_enable[enablevaluenat].checked = true;
  36. */                                    
  37.                                 </SCRIPT>

Im just installing a PDF reader at the moment, for the manual.
Sep 2 '08 #3
83 New Member
Ok, The manual mentioned no troubleshooting on no NAT option.
It only mentioned nat in the general system settings information.
Not even belking support has anything on it.

Would it be ok to upgrate to the pre-release of the firmware upgrade?
Sep 2 '08 #4
83 New Member
Ok, now the DMZ works (before, the router rebooted)
This is just to improve performances on xbox live, would it be ok to place the xbox outside the firewall?
Sep 2 '08 #5
3,112 Recognized Expert Specialist
Ok, now the DMZ works (before, the router rebooted)
This is just to improve performances on xbox live, would it be ok to place the xbox outside the firewall?
Well, I wouldn't do it, but then I know very little about the XBOX and it's security. I'd suggest to search online for information about that and maybe post a question in the Misc Section.

Anyway, glad it works! :-)

Sep 2 '08 #6
2 New Member
nice to read all the details
Oct 9 '18 #7

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