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vista network to xp

1 New Member
i cannot browse or see other computers on my vista os network running 3 windows 2000 and two xp machines network printer working fine all othe machines running i can view the workgrou:workgr oup

Thanks for your help in advance
Mar 3 '07
18 19495
93 New Member
Start by making sure the printer is shared and that you can connect to it by typing \\machinename and right click on the printer and hit connect

see if that works and reply

Nope didn't work. Maybe it's because my printer is an ethernet printer. Not sure, but maybe that helps...
Apr 1 '07 #11
69 New Member
can you ping other machines from the vista machine? (to do this incase you are unsure go to start, run, cmd, ping hostname) i would ping it by its name first, this will check it can resolve your computers names, if this does not work, try by ip address (get this by going start run cmd ipconfig) on applicable computers! should be 4 sent, 4 received, if not, sufin funny about vista :)
Apr 2 '07 #12
93 New Member
can you ping other machines from the vista machine? (to do this incase you are unsure go to start, run, cmd, ping hostname) i would ping it by its name first, this will check it can resolve your computers names, if this does not work, try by ip address (get this by going start run cmd ipconfig) on applicable computers! should be 4 sent, 4 received, if not, sufin funny about vista :)
Yeah, everything works. Even the printer pings, but still doesn't show up. Maybe it's because the printer is meant for XP (or I think, not sure). The printer is an HP Officejet 6300, just incase any of you were wondering.
Apr 2 '07 #13
69 New Member
HP have a new Vista compatible driver out as per the 16th march 2007 :) check this out vista drivers :)
Apr 3 '07 #14
93 New Member
HP have a new Vista compatible driver out as per the 16th march 2007 :) check this out vista drivers :)
I downloaded it, but it said there was a "Fatal error". It said it was because of the software that it couldn't download or something. The printer still doesn't show up on the map. Is it because it's an Ethernet printer?
Apr 4 '07 #15
2 New Member
I have the same problem, all of the machines at my network are using Windows XP and when I try to see them with my Vista laptop I got nothing, I cannot see other machines except the ones with Vista as well.

I also want to add a printer but it does not see something around the network. Does someone knows which is the problem and how can I solve it?
May 4 '07 #16
2 New Member
I tried also to make a ping to the other machines at the network and I got no response.

May 4 '07 #17
1 New Member
I got my XP machine to look into my Vista machine, but Vista refuses to look into the XP machine. I installed Microsoft LLTD Responder on the XP machine as per Microsoft. It still does not work.

I am also looking for the Vista driver for an old Epson ActionLaser1500 .
i found that vista does not have the abilty to use printer sharing
Nov 24 '07 #18
1 New Member
wot a load of rubbish!!! i have all my printers and computers connected on my network of 3 xp comps and 3 vista comps....no printer is physically plugged into my vista comps coz they are conected 2 xp comps. All works fine
Dec 14 '07 #19

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