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error code 0xe0434f4d on exit

i have written a program in wpf platform that run correctly on my system
but it dont work on other systems
i have installed .net framework 3.5 sp1 on my system
but in other systems i installed redistributable version of .netframework 3.5
Jan 25 '10 #1
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7,872 Expert 4TB
What kind of errors or exceptions are you getting exactly?
Does your program run correctly and then when it exits it throws the 0xe0434f4d error?

EDIT: Looks like that is unmanaged code telling you the managed code is throwing an exception.
Jan 25 '10 #2
no it does not run
it close at beggining of run
it is not code error
because when i install .net framework 3.5 SP1 (237 MB) the program will run correctly but when i install redistributable version of .net frame work, the programm will crash suddenly.
i dont know why.
Jan 25 '10 #3
but that 237 MB version of .net framework will take 30 minutes to install
Jan 25 '10 #4
7,872 Expert 4TB
Put try/catch blocks everywhere in your program.
From what I read your program is generating a managed exception, but for whatever reason, you're not seeing it
Jan 25 '10 #5
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Have you checked the Windows Event Log for any information regarding problem?

Jan 25 '10 #6
i put a try catch in my first line of code and commented other parts of code
but the problem didn't resolved. i think its for my xaml code
what can i do?
Jan 26 '10 #7
i deleted some lines of my xaml code and it worked correctly
the problem is for my xaml code.
the code i deleted is regarding to a sound player control that was using a data binding to an XML file fore list of sounds and a control that played sound
Jan 26 '10 #8
7,872 Expert 4TB
Perhaps the user's computer doesn't have the same sound control?
Jan 26 '10 #9
that problem was not resolved but i found the code line and deleted that line
but i found so much same errors
i think for working with wpf i must install .netFX 3.5 sp1
n way
Jan 28 '10 #10
3,525 Expert 2GB
Instead of deleting features of your application until you are left with something that only runs on the least common denominator of PC's, your application should handle the errors gracefully.

I can make some general suggestions that apply to good coding practice.
  • Assume that everything is broken, or at least not ideal.
  • Presume that the user is going to provide data in a format or manner that you just didn't expect. If you use a textbox for a number, the user will type "One".
  • Assume that hardware breaks in the middle of what you are doing, so you have to recover.
  • Take a few extra lines of code to get standards like the boot drive, the number thousands seperator etc. Don't assume that you have a C: drive or that a comma is the separator because not everyone is in America.
  • Check that files/folders exist, even if you just did a call to make it: You may not have permissions.
  • Don't assume the harddrive has room for what you are doing: They do fill up. Usually right in the middle of you writing to your log file.
  • Get used to placing breakpoints and walking through the code line by line. Double check EVERYTHING on every line. Keep the "Locals" and "Autos" windows open so you can see your values.
    • Put a breakpoint on the first line of the method causing trouble.
    • When the code stops there, walk through line by line with F-10.
    • Check the values of your assumptions (looking at the Locals and Automatic variable windows as well as hovering the mouse over the variables in the code (hothelp will popup).
  • Stop. Breath. Relax. Then reason out the problem. Cut it down by sections or halves. "The value was good here, then at this method it wasn't. Where did it go between 'A' and 'B'?"
  • Range check and validate values. Confirm that you didn't get a zero when you are only set to accept 1-10. Confirm your objects and values aren't null. Initialize them to a known default if possible. If a selection can be from 0-10, then initialize to -1: Now you have something to check for.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(m_Undo);
Presumes that m_Undo must be good (not null)(actually exists)(not in use)(you have permissions)(doesn't time out when accessed). If that assumption fails so does the program, because you can't make anything from a file if the file is null. Get used to validating data and assumptions in your code if you want it to be robust. For example:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. if (m_Undo != null)
  2. {
  3.    bool bSuccess = false;
  4.    // Do your thing here, for example:
  5.    if (myObject != null) bSuccess = true;
  6.    // or
  7.    if (denominator > 0) bSuccess = true;
  8.    // or
  9.    if (MyFunctionReturn != Failed) bSuccess = true;
  10.    // Hurray, your thing worked!
  12.    if (bSuccess)
  13.    {
  14.       // Then do this other thing if it worked
  15.    }
  16.    else
  17.    {
  18.       // Then do the failure recovery part / user failure message
  19.    }
  21.    return bSuccess; // If you want the calling method to know if it worked.
  22. }
Jan 28 '10 #11
but my code run correctly on my system and if i install .net framework 3.5 SP1, my code will run in other systems
so that my code has no problem. its because of some bugs in .net frame work 3
Jan 28 '10 #12
3,525 Expert 2GB
Could be bugs or maybe you are using features that only exist in 3.5sp1 but not in 3.0.

It doesn't seem unusual to expect that new version have new features or that service packs fix bugs.

You know what you need to do to make it work in the real world. So what is your problem/question?
Jan 28 '10 #13
i didnt used any feature that needs 3.5 SP1. and installing SP1 needs over 30 minutes and my application is multimedia and i can not say to users to install my little app over 30 minutes
Jan 28 '10 #14
3,525 Expert 2GB
and if i install .net framework 3.5 SP1, my code will run in other systems
What more needs to be said?

Either debug your code to make it 3.0 compliant or install 3.5sp1.
Jan 28 '10 #15
nstalling SP1 needs over 30 minutes and my application is multimedia and i can not say to users to install my little app over 30 minutes
Jan 28 '10 #16

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