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IE8 .NET and Debugging breakpoints

I've noticed that my breakpoints don't work all of the time in Internet Explorer 8.

If I have an IE8 window open when I start the website in debug mode, the break points won't be hit.

If there are no IE8 windows open when I start the application, I can debug as normal.

Anyone else, able to reproduce this, or know of a way to have more IE8 Windows open during debugging? (I gotta have my BYTES you know!)

Feb 1 '09 #1
12 11753
Update: This seems to happen if I launch a new window, from a previous debug session. And keep it open. Even after I stop debugging. The next debug sessions, will not hit the break points.

But: If I am not debugging, with no IE8 windows open, open an IE 8 Window. Then start debugging, I can hit the break points.

WorkAround: Do not spawn any windows from an instance of IE8 that is being used by VS for a debug session!
Feb 2 '09 #2
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Hmm, I run into the same problem sometimes except that I'm not spawning windows.

I have found that if I pause and then restart debugging my break points will work again.
Feb 2 '09 #3
Thanks for the reply.

So I tried to reproduce, what I had listed, the spawned window. Yet NOW when I click in VS to stop debugging, all of my Spawned windows close down.

If I have the issue, I will try the Pause and then continue on Debugging, and see if that works for me.

Mainly I wanted to get a post up here, so some guidance would show up when other people did a search. Because, all i found was the normal, Make sure you asp.net is checked in the properties page, and Web.config stuff. But this is particular to IE8.
Feb 2 '09 #4
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Wait a second, is your problem in Visual Studio or when with IE8 debugger?

The "pause & restart the debugger" solution I suggested only works with the IE8 debugger. Pausing and restarting the Visual Studio debugger will not fix the IE8 debugger.

It is normal behaviour for Visual Studio to close any IE browsers opened during debugging.

If you are developing with JavaScript in your ASP.NET application and you are using IE8 I would recommend sticking with the IE8 debugger (despite the fact that it is buggy itself). The reason I suggest this is because worse problems happen when you use IE8 and attempt to debug scripts using Visual Studio.
Feb 2 '09 #5
Thank you for the replay, Frinavale.

Like many "nebulous" bugs, this one isn't easy to reproduce as consistant as I would like.

1. I am talking about debugging c# code. So I am referring to the Visual Studio Debugger
2. If All of my IE8 windows are closed, when I compile and execute my website from VS 2005 sp .050727-7600, it will hit the break point, and pause, or print out as would be expected.
3. If I have IE8 windows open when I compile and execute, it is hit or miss wether it will pause at a break point.

I thought I had a "reproduceable" situation, with the spawned pages, but that doesn't seem to be "it".

Basically, if I want to have Internet information available to me while I am coding/testing I have to view it in Firefox or Mozilla. And use IE8 for my debugging.

Very disappointing.
Feb 2 '09 #6
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Yup, that's how I do it too.
Feb 3 '09 #7
7,435 Expert 4TB
No comment. ,
Feb 3 '09 #8
Dear Paxxer

THANK YOU !!!!!!!
I had just had the need to open an old project in vs2003. I experienced the same issue with breakpoints not working, I tried a bunch of stuff to no avail. Spent most of the day poking around the net. Then I happened upon your stroke of genius ... I recently installed IE8 and thought.. NO F'n way....

Sure enough, if I start my web app with no previous IE 8 windows open, then debugging is a happy experience (so long as I see what I expect in there).

THANK YOU so much for posting this, indeed sometimes the simplest answer is the best and most correct.
Jul 22 '09 #9
Simply follow below given steps and your debugging problem will solve for IE8

1) Open RegEdit
2) Browse to HKEY_LOCALMACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer -> Main
3) Add a new entry "DWord" under this key named called "TabProcGrowth"
4) Set TabProcGrowth to 0

and try now.

For more solutions check <link removed>

Apr 3 '10 #10
Thanks Mathew,

After making the changes in the regedit,In IE8 now i can able to hit the breakpoint in debug mode.
May 4 '10 #11
thanks for reply mahadevi

<promotional link removed>
May 4 '10 #12
thanks it worked that solution
May 10 '10 #13

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