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How do i find a process that has a file locked and kill it?

How do i find a process that has a file locked and kill it?

I am using VB.net
Nov 19 '08 #1
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Well I am sure you could dig through win32_API to find this out, but I would download and use ProcessExplorer and do it from there
Nov 19 '08 #2
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you can try using a tool like process explorer...

Nov 19 '08 #3
i'd like to do it programmatically through the code
Nov 19 '08 #4
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As far as I know, the only way to get to this information is through P/Invoke calls to NtQuerySystemInformation. Most of the API required to perform this task is only loosely documented, so good luck!

There is an excellent discussion here that may help you achieve what you want.

However, killing off a process that has an open file handle is obviously not a recommended practice. Depending on what is being done with the file at the time your possibly risking corruption. If there is any other way to achieve what you want, I'd probably do that instead.
Nov 19 '08 #5
here's the method i came up with...

I have a word to text file conversion program that uses an instance of word and there might be other instances running as well. My app needs to recreate the process if someone cancels it or cancel the one its using (and none others) on exit. My solution was to get 2 lists of the word instances that are running, 1 before I create the new instance and 1 after. I then compare the 2 lists to get the new process id and store it in a global so i know which one to kill it later. If someone knows a cleaner way please tell.
I was trying ctype(oword,application).exit() and it didn't work.

private WordProcessID as int32
private oWord As object
private sub CreateWordProcess()
Dim preExistingProcess As Boolean
If Me.WordProcessID > 0 Then
Dim pr As Process = Process.GetProcessById(WordProcessID)
If pr.Responding = False Then
oWord = Nothing
End If
Catch ex As Exception
oWord = Nothing
End Try

End If

If oWord Is Nothing Then

Dim plist1 As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName("WINWORD")

oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Dim plist2 As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName("WINWORD")

For Each p2 As Process In plist2
preExistingProcess = False
For Each p1 As Process In plist1
If p1.Id = p2.Id Then
preExistingProcess = True
Exit For
End If
If preExistingProcess = False Then
Me.WordProcessID = p2.Id
Exit For
End If
Next p2
end sub

Private Sub KillWordProcess()
If WordProcessID > 0 Then
oWord = Nothing
End If
End Sub
Nov 20 '08 #6
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If you created the word process...shouldn't you then have the correct objects/methods needed to close it?
Nov 20 '08 #7
when i inherited this code it used this

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  1. CType(oWord, Word._Application).Quit()
For whatever reason that compiled originally and was put into production and continues to work. At this point the same code refuses to compile.

I tried this code which does compile but doesn't work
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  1. CType(oWord, Application).Exit()
I scoured the net looking for a solution till I came up with with the work around above. I'd love to have a cleaner method.
Nov 20 '08 #8
7,872 Expert 4TB
I would break it up then, not sure on vb syntax
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  1. declare myword as Word._Application
  2. myword= CType(oWord, Word._Application)
Actually I guess you could set a breakpoint and see what the object type of oWord is.
Then cast it to its correct type, then perform some actions on that type like Quit() or something else?
Nov 20 '08 #9

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