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Need Help deserializing Binary Field in C++

Hi All -

I am creating a upgrade utility that transfers an bin / exe image over an
xml stream. But I can not seem to get the deserialization of the binary
field to work correctly. What I have is a base 64 encoded field but when I
try to deserialize, I throw an XML / reflection exception. However, if I
remove the base64 (m_Data) stuff everything works fine. I clearly have a
problem with my m_Data set-up. Does anybody know how to do this? What are
the corrrect data type and attributes?

String* xmlstr = "<?xml
version=\"1.0\"?><VersionMap><Packages><Firmware>< Description>Firmware Ver

// DESERIALIZE HERE (Host::Utils::Xml::Deserialize is my serialization /
deserialization wrapper - I think this works correctly)
MVersionMap* VersionMap =
dynamic_cast<MVersionMap*>(Host::Utils::Xml::Deser ialize(xmlstr,

//MIB Class
public __gc class MMib
: m_Size (0)
[XmlElement(DataType="unsignedInt", ElementName=S"Size", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
UInt32 m_Size;

// Firmware Class
public __gc class MFirmware
: m_Description (S"")
, m_ID (0)
, m_Size (0)
, m_Signature (S"")
, m_Mib (NULL)
[XmlElement(DataType="string", ElementName=S"Description", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
String* m_Description;
[XmlElement(DataType="unsignedInt", ElementName=S"ID", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
UInt32 m_ID;
[XmlElement(DataType="unsignedInt", ElementName=S"Size", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
UInt32 m_Size;
[XmlElement(DataType="string", ElementName=S"Signature", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
String* m_Signature;
[XmlElement(DataType = S"base64Binary", ElementName=S"Data", Namespace=S"",
Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified, IsNullable=false)]
Byte m_Data[];
//[XmlArrayAttribute(Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqu alified)]
//[XmlArrayItemAttribute(ElementName=S"Data",Form=Sch ema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified,
//char* m_Data;
//[XmlArray(ElementName=S"Data", DataType="base64Binary",
//[XmlArrayItemAttribute(ElementName=S"Data",Form=Sch ema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified,
// [XmlArrayItemAttribute(__typeof(Byte[]), DataType="hexBinary",
ElementName=S"Data",Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Un qualified,
// Byte m_Data __gc[];
[XmlElement(__typeof(MMib),ElementName=S"MIB",Names pace=S"",Form=Schema::XmlSchemaForm::Unqualified,I sNullable=false)]
MMib* m_Mib;
Thanks for the Help!
Aug 17 '06 #1
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