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Source Control of Windows Installers since VS2003

Hi all, I'm having a nightmare with Windows Installer projects and souce
control. My situation is that I have a few related windows application /
dlls, some generic shared library files and a windows installer to install
it. I have all of these in the same solution to enable easy debugging and
maximum flexibility.

I want my source control to be something like this (from the /$ root)

- vb.net main windows application
- c# console application (launches the main windows app)
- Web service
- Windows Installer for the project
- All my generic reusable libraries
- All the projects relevant to this project

My problem is that I carefully add all my Libraries to the Libraries
directory, this is fine, then I add my other projects to 'MyBigApplication'
this is also fine. Then I come to add the Windows Installer... I get a
message which says:

A project BigApplicationInstaller.vdproj you are trying to add contains
items which are in the same folders as projects that are already under
source control. Because the source controlled projects do not share the same
source control binding, they cannot be added to source control. To resolve
this issue move this project's items into their own folders, or place all
overlapping projects into the same source control binding.

Now quite honestly I don't really understand the problem.. it knows where
the items are that are already under source control (as it can display the
sourcesafe status and it has the projects open). Now the difference seems to
be since vs2003 that windows installer source controls now checks in all the
dlls etc rather than just the project file as I never had a problem with
this type of structure before.

So, for any application I have that
a) Uses shared library projects
b) Has a windows installer
I cannot have the solution under source control as it will always try to
check in the Installer files and fail.

It works fine if I unbind all the source controls for the project, then add
the solution to source control, but then the shared library project for the
first solution that I add gets buried deeply in the C:\ rooted sourcesafe
project structure it creates.. which isn't where you want shared libraries
to be! The second solution that I add that uses that shared library then
refers to the shared library in the structure of the first solution.. it is
just messy and unacceptable.

What I'm amazed about is that I wouldn't have thought my requirements here
are very unusual, yet I can find no other posts regarding this issue.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, kind regards
-=- Brett
Jul 19 '05 #1
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