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Bound Grids Not Working Correctly

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I'm having trouble trying to get some bound datagrids to work. I even tried
to use some examples that were given to me, but I can't get those to work,

I have customers, who have orders, which have order details. The order
details also use a product lookup table, to get description, etc., and this
seems to be the problem table. Customer -> Order is a 1:m relationship, Order
-> OrderDetails is a 1:m relationship, but the OrderDetails -> Product is a
m:1 relationship.

Here is my code that I'm using (It goes into the Form_Load event). The first
3 grids populate and work well together, as I navigate through them. The 4th
grid is blank, and stays that way. Flex1,2,3,4 are Flexgrids from Component1,
but they work the same with Microsoft's grids, too.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to make it work properly?
Thanks in advance.

Dim drc As DataRowCollection
Dim dcc As DataColumnCollection
Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet("Hierarchical Dataset")
dcc = ds.Tables("Products").Columns
dcc.Add("ID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Name", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Value", GetType(Decimal))
drc = ds.Tables("Products").Rows
drc.Add(New Object() {"P1", "Widget", 19.95})
drc.Add(New Object() {"P2", "Gadget", 22.75})
drc.Add(New Object() {"P3", "Sprocket", 33.1})
dcc = ds.Tables("Customers").Columns
dcc.Add("ID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Name", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Address", GetType(String))
drc = ds.Tables("Customers").Rows
drc.Add(New Object() {"C1", "John", "122 Penny Lane"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"C2", "Paul", "646 Abbey Road"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"C3", "George", "222 Chatham Road"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"C4", "Ringo", "345 Oxford St"})
dcc = ds.Tables("Orders").Columns
dcc.Add("ID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("CustomerID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Prty", GetType(Integer))
dcc.Add("Date", GetType(DateTime))
drc = ds.Tables("Orders").Rows
drc.Add(New Object() {"O1", "C1", 1, "12/1/01"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"O2", "C2", 2, "1/22/02"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"O3", "C3", 3, "1/20/02"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"O4", "C4", 1, "1/14/02"})
drc.Add(New Object() {"O5", "C1", 3, "1/16/02"})
dcc = ds.Tables("OrderDetail").Columns
dcc.Add("ID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("OrderID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("ProductID", GetType(String))
dcc.Add("Qty", GetType(Integer))
drc = ds.Tables("OrderDetail").Rows
drc.Add(New Object() {"D1", "O1", "P1", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D2", "O1", "P2", 12})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D3", "O1", "P3", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D4", "O2", "P1", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D5", "O2", "P2", 8})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D6", "O2", "P3", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D7", "O3", "P1", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D8", "O4", "P1", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D9", "O4", "P2", 10})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D10", "O5", "P1", 1})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D11", "O5", "P2", 16})
drc.Add(New Object() {"D12", "O5", "P3", 1})
ds.Relations.Add("Order Details", ds.Tables("Orders").Columns("ID"),
ds.Relations.Add("Product Details",

flex1.DataMember = "Customers"
flex1.DataSource = ds
flex2.DataMember = "Customers.CustomerOrders"
flex2.DataSource = ds
flex3.SetDataBinding(ds, "Customers.CustomerOrders.Order Details")
flex3.DataSource = ds
Flex4.SetDataBinding(ds, "Customers.CustomerOrders.Order
Details.Product Details")
Flex4.DataSource = ds

Feb 28 '06 #1
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