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Canonical Science Today, and notation/syntaxes for CanonMath

I am developing the CanonML language (version 1.0) as a way to
generate, store, and publish canonical science documents on the
Internet. This language will be the basis for the next version 2.0 of
the website of the Center for CANONICAL |SCIENCE). The current
preliminary version -in proof stage- has been developed on XHTML
1.1 + MathML 2.0 language without semantics (e.g. there exists not use
of <h1> or <p>). We wait see the CanonML language like an
advanced proposal for the generation of next generation of academic
electronic datuments.

The CanonML language and related software we will develop (XSLTs, etc.)
will be open source; anyone can use, personalize, and generalize it. We
wait some technical advice and help in those issues. We wait the WG
will provide some technical advice in the development of the CanonMath
input syntax for MathML.

XHTML (including the future XHTML 2.0) and MathML or specific languages
as Docubook do not fit all our requirements -for example, we need
specific scientific requirements for <chemistry> are not fulfilled
even by the specialized CML-, therein the need for the CanonML

Currently, <CanonML> is splinted into three modules: <CanonText>,
<CanonGraph>, and <CanonMath>. CanonText is ready, but the
development of CanonGraph has been stopped until a better browsers'
support of vectorial graphics. Our current emphasis is on CanonMath.

The main aims of CanonML language are: simplicity, completeness, and
semantic-oriented. For instance, CanonText achieve the semantic level
of XHTML 2.0 for general text but being more accessible and optimised
than later. The optimisation is largely an outcome of the application
of basic generic ideas from canonical science ontology. This relative
success reinforces our initial supposition on the power of canonical
Another syntaxes
After of a relatively intense research of the present and future
capabilities of TeX/LaTeX, IteX, ASCIIMath, and the two MathML
syntaxes, I have discarded them as basic input syntaxes for the math
module of the CanonML language. Notations for chemistry also are
partially discussed: The mhchem chemical package and ConTexT approaches
are not suitable input syntaxes for chemical formulae.

The output of the Hermes project used in Living Reviews on Relativity
is presented as an example of very unpleasant code from the point of
view of logical design, optimised code, and semantic clean web goals.
Hermes like output is highly undesirable for the future generation of
web datuments.

For more information see canonical science today entry:
Poll on notation
I am doing a poll for choosing the final notation of CanonMath for
introducing mathematical formulas in XML documents. Comments,
criticism, suggestions, and varied opinions are welcomed.

Juan R.


Feb 10 '06 #1
1 1694

An important question is that currently i doubt what commands to choose
for symbols: arrows, greek, etc.

An option i am valuating is choosing TeX/LaTeX commands. Another option
is to reuse MathML 2.0 entities.

Would i use TeX/LaTeX?

Juan R.


Feb 11 '06 #2

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