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Safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

I have following client side code which i have used in my asp.net
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This article examines an example of multiple binary file upload for Web
applications using Extensible Markup Language (XML) technology, without
the typical limitation of traditional file upload processing. It
describes how to use Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 (MSXML) and ActiveX Data
Objects (ADO) Stream objects for a new upload strategy with several
benefits. For example, no custom ASP components are required.
To obtain a file upload with a traditional HTML page, on the client
side we can use a form structured in the following way:
<FORM NAME="myForm"
<INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="myFile">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Upload File">
This solution presents several limitations both on the client and
server side. We must use the POST method (because the GET can't manage
this type of data), and we have no solutions to trigger a POST
processing without using an HTML form. When we send data to the
TargetURL, the browser loads this page as the new current page and we
have an undesirable "context switch."
The ENCTYPE property defines the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
(MIME) encoding for the form and must be set to "multipart/form-data"
for file upload forms. When we set this property to
"multipart/form-data" we obtain a different structure of the POST
buffer (which is also more complex) and the Request ASP object can't
access the form contents. Therefore, we can read the POST buffer using
the Request.binaryRead method, but we can't use scripting languages to
do this. The Request.binaryRead method returns a VTarray (which is a
variant array of unsigned one byte characters) while scripting
languages can manage only variant variables. We can resolve this
problem only by using a specific, custom ASP component or ISAPI
extension, such as CPSHOST.DLL. This behavior is by design.
A New Upload Strategy
The idea underlying this article is the use of the following step: On
the client-side:

create a XML document using the MSXML 3.0 object;
create a XML node with binary content;
populate this node with the content of the uploading file using the ADO
Stream object;
send the document to the Web server using the XMLHTTP object.
On the server-side:
read the XML document from the Request ASP object;
read the content of the binary node and store it into a file on the
server. Optionally, we can store it into a BLOB field of a database
Before explaining the source code sample, we can make a few
considerations about the solution used in this article.

XML Consideration
XML support many data types, such as numeric, float, character, etc.
Many authors define XML as the ASCII of the future, but we can't forget
that this technology can also describe binary information using the
"bin.base64" data type. This feature is fully available with MS XML 3.0
Parser and to date requires a custom setup. This object provides some
properties that enable a complete management of binary contents:

obj_node.dataType - This read/write property specifies the data type of
the selected node. The XML parser supports more dataType values (see
the MSDN reference for a complete list --

For binary contents we can use the "bin.base64" data type;

obj_node.nodeTypedValue - This read/write property contains the
selected node's value expressed in its defined data type.
We can create an XML document with more "bin.base64"-type nodes that
contain the files we want to upload. This consideration allows the
processing of multiple uploading files with a single POST.

We can use the XMLHttpRequest object to send an XML document to a Web
server using the POST method. This object provides client-side protocol
support for communication with HTTP servers and allows us to send and
receive MS XML Document Object Model (DOM) objects from a Web server.
XMLHttpRequest is a built-in COM object with Internet Explorer 5 (not
requiring a custom setup) and does not generate a context switch after
posting data.
The ADO Stream Object
The previous considerations allow the creation (on the client-side) of
an XML document with one or more binary nodes. Now we need to populate
this node with the contents of the uploading files. Unfortunately,
scripting languages can't access the local file system, and the
Scripting.FileSystemObject (which is a built-in COM object of the
recent Win32 platform) to date can't manage binary files. This behavior
is by design. We need an other COM object that provides the access to
the local binary files.

The ADO Stream object (which is a COM object included in the MDAC 2.5
components) provides the means to read, write, and manage a stream of
bytes. This byte stream may be text or binary and hasn't particular
size limitations. In ADO 2.5, Microsoft has introduced the Stream
object without any dependency in the ADO object model hierarchy;
therefore, we can use the Stream object without binding it to the other
ADO objects.

In this article, we use the Stream object to access file content and
store it into XML node, and vice versa.
Client-Side Code
The following code sample provides a client-side file upload using
Stream and MSXML objects:
<INPUT id=btn_send name="btn_send" type=button value="FILE SEND">
<DIV id=div_message>Ready</DIV>


// files upload function
function btn_send.onclick()
// create ADO-stream Object
var ado_stream = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Stream");

// create XML document with default header and primary node
var xml_dom = new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument");
xml_dom.loadXML('<?xml version="1.0" ?> <root/>');
// specify namespaces datatypes

// create a new node and set binary content
var l_node1 = xml_dom.createElement("file1");
l_node1.dataType = "bin.base64";
// open stream object and read source file
ado_stream.Type = 1; // 1=adTypeBinary
// store file content into XML node
l_node1.nodeTypedValue = ado_stream.Read(-1); // -1=adReadAll

// we can create more XML nodes for multiple file upload

// send XML documento to Web server
var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
// show server message in message-area
div_message.innerHTML = xmlhttp.ResponseText;

following error comes while debugging the above code on the line
marked with **
Safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on
another domain

How can i solve this problem

Jan 24 '06 #1
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