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VS2005 error message giving me nightmares

I am running VS2005 and using VSTO for Word.

I keep getting this error saying that there is no source code available for
this location when I try and run this application.

I am going to try and reinstall Office 2003 and see if that fixes this, but
it is talking about the mscorlib.dll and that isn’t Office.

The problem is this….I need to get this fixed asap.
Here are the more detailed error messages. There is nothing in the white
papers for VS2005 for this.



The given assembly name or codebase, 'Hello World, Version=1.0.1858.40678,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null', was invalid.

************** Exception Text **************

System.IO.FileLoadException: The given assembly name or codebase, 'Hello
World, Version=1.0.1858.40678, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null', was

File name: 'Hello World, Version=1.0.1858.40678, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=null' ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
(0x80070006): The handle is invalid.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .AppDomainManagerInternal.LoadStartupAssembly(Entr yPoint
entryPoint, Dependency dependency, Hashtable assembliesHash)

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .AppDomainManagerInternal.ConfigureAppDomain(Boole an createStartupObjects)

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .AppDomainManagerInternal.LoadAssembliesAndExecute (Boolean
createStartupObjects, IHostServiceProvider hostServiceProvider)

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .AppDomainManagerInternal.ExecuteCustomizationForU nmanagedHost(IHostServiceProvider
hostServiceProvider, Boolean& customizationFailed)

=== Pre-bind state information ===

LOG: User = VSTO\Administrator

LOG: DisplayName = Hello World, Version=1.0.1858.40678, Culture=neutral,


LOG: Appbase = file:///C:/Applications/Hello World/Hello World/bin/Debug/

LOG: Initial PrivatePath = NULL

Calling assembly : Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime ,
Version=8.0.1200.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a.


LOG: This bind is in default load context.

LOG: No application configuration file found.

LOG: Using machine configuration file from
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.40607\conf ig\machine.config.

LOG: Policy not being applied to reference at this time (private, custom,
partial, or location-based assembly bind).

LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/Applications/Hello
World/Hello World/bin/Debug/Hello World.dll.

************** Loaded Assemblies **************


Assembly Version: 2.0.3600.0

Win32 Version: 2.0.40607.16 (beta1.040607-1600)




Assembly Version: 8.0.1200.0

Win32 Version: 8.0.40607.16

file:///C:/WINDOWS/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime/8.0.1200.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .dll



Assembly Version: 2.0.3600.0

Win32 Version: 2.0.40607.16 (beta1.040607-1600)




Assembly Version: 2.0.3600.0

Win32 Version: 2.0.40607.16 (beta1.040607-1600)




Assembly Version: 2.0.3600.0

Win32 Version: 2.0.40607.16 (beta1.040607-1600)



Unhandled Exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
(0x8001010A): The message filter indicated that the application is busy.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .IHostServiceProvider.SetRuntimeServiceProvider(IR untimeServiceProvider runtime)

Microsoft.VisualStudio.OfficeTools.Interop.Runtime .AppDomainManagerInternal.AppDomainUnload_Handler( Object sender, EventArgs e)

Jul 21 '05 #1
0 2585

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