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Problems with Process.Start

I am deveeloping a WinForm application where I need to display a HTML
page to the user. I would like to use IE to display this page then
wait until they have closed the IE window before continuing with the
application. Essentially, I want to make a blocking call to IE.

However, when I use the code below, I get vvariable results depending
on whether or not the process is running within the IDE or stand

ProcessStartInfo startupInfo = new ProcessStartInfo ();
startupInfo.FileName = filePath;
startupInfo.UseShellExecute = true;
startupInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
Process process = Process.Start (startupInfo);
// For some reason, the process object is valid in the debugger but
not when running in stand alone
// Put this frig in until a suitable solution is found.
if( process != null )

The filePath variable is set to be the fully qualified path of the
HTML page to be displayed.

When executed within the IDE this works fine and the blocking call is
made. However, when in stand alone, the process object is null
directly after the call to Process.Start.

Can anyone explain why this is or is there a workaround?


Jul 21 '05 #1
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